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Tom Darby & Jimmie Tarlton

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Tom Darby & Jimmie Tarlton
Tom Darby & Jimmie Tarlton


Although their career together was brief, Tom Darby and Jimmie Tarlton played an important part in the development of what we now know as country music. Darby's bluesy vocals and acoustic guitar were ideally complemented by Jimmie Tarlton's slide guitar playing and his near harmony singing. The pair were to influence not only their contemporaries, but many latter day artists. Born in 1890, Tom Darby was of mixed ancestry - his ancestors were English, Irish, Scottish and German with some American Indian blood. Jimmie Tarlton was born in 1892, near Cheraw, South Carolina. They first recorded together in 1927 and were soon sufficiently commercially successful to be called to the studio regularly, their output including the 70 tracks on the first three discs of this set. However, they never really got on with one another, rarely performed live together, and cut their last session as a duo in 1933. Ironically, one of the tracks from this final session was titled "Let's Be Friends Again". They never were. The fourth disc in the set is devoted to 18 tracks by Chris Bouchillon, whose 1926 recording "Talking Blues" was the inspiration for other companies to record their own 'talking blues' artists.


  1. Name
  2. Down In Florida On A Hog
  3. Birmingham Town
  4. Birmingham Jail
  5. Columbus Stockade Blues
  6. Gamblin' Jim
  7. Lonesome In The Pines
  8. After The Ball
  9. I Can't Tell You Why I Love You
  10. Irish Police
  11. The Hobo Tramp
  12. Alto Waltz
  13. Mexican rag
  14. Birmingham Jail No 2
  15. The Rainbow Division
  16. Country girl Valley
  17. Lonesome Railroad
  18. If You Ever Learn To Love Me
  19. If I Had Listened To My Mother
  20. Traveling Yodel Blues
  21. Heavy Hearted Blues
  22. The New York Hobo
  23. All Bound Down In Texas
  24. Touring Yodel Blues
  25. Slow Wicked Blues
  26. Black Jack Moonshine
  27. Ain't Gonna Marry No More
  28. Down In The Old Cherry Orchard
  29. When The Bluebirds Nest Again
  30. Begger Joe
  31. When You're Away From Home
  32. Birmingham Rag
  33. Sweet Sarah Blues
  34. Little Bessie
  35. I Left Her At The River
  36. Jack And May
  37. Captain Won't You Let Me Go Home
  38. Going Back To My Texas Home
  39. The Whistling Songbird
  40. Frieght Train Ramble
  41. Lonesome Frisco Line
  42. Down Among The Sugar Cane
  43. The Black Sheep
  44. Little Ola
  45. Once I Had A Sweetheart
  46. The Maple On The Hill
  47. My Father Died A Drunkard
  48. Frankie Dean
  49. Pork Chops
  50. In The Banks Of A Lonely River
  51. Faithless Husband
  52. Hard Times
  53. Rising Sun Blues
  54. My Little Blue Heaven
  55. Careless Love
  56. By The Old Oaken Bucket, Louise
  57. Lowe Bonnie
  58. After The Sinking Of The Titanic
  59. New Birmingham Jail
  60. Roy Dixon
  61. Moonshine Blues
  62. She's Waiting For Me
  63. Goin' Down That Lonesome Frisco Lane
  64. Thirteen Years In Kilbie Prison
  65. Once I Had A Fortune
  66. Dixie Mail
  67. The Weaver's Blues
  68. Sweetheart Of My Dreams
  69. Ooze Up To Me
  70. Let's Be Friends Again
  71. By The Old Oaken Bucket, Louise
  72. Born In Hard Luck
  73. Talking Blues
  74. New Talking Blues
  75. Hannah
  76. Old Blind Heck
  77. Let It Alone
  78. My Fat Girl
  79. Waltz Me Around Willie
  80. Ambitions Father
  81. You Look Awful Good To Me
  82. The Medicine Show
  83. I've Been Marriad Three times
  84. My Wife's Wedding
  85. Adam And Eve: Part 1
  86. Adam And Eve: Part 2
  87. Oyster Stew
  88. Oh, Miss Lizzie
  89. Girls Of Yesterday
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