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Sounds Like Jimmie Rodgers: Stars That Followed The Master

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Sounds Like Jimmie Rodgers: Stars That Followed The Master
Sounds Like Jimmie Rodgers: Stars That Followed The Master


Jimmie Rodgers was Country music's first superstar. His first records were made in Tennessee in August 1927, his last in May 1933: during that six-year period the sales of his records were at times phenomenal. Just as the emergence of Elvis Presley 22 years later inspired a generation of would-be Elvis's and had every record company looking for their own version of Elvis, Rodgers' success had much the same fallout effect in his day - as explored by this 100 track, 4CD set. Disc 1 presents a range of artists, some of who were outright Rodgers' copyists and others with more originality but who were obviously influenced by Rodgers. Disc 2 is devoted to Gene Autry, who is probably best known for his film and TV work and his later 'country and western' style recordings - a far cry from the blues singing, Jimmie Rodgers styled singer heard on this set (25 sides cut between 1929 and 1933). Disc 3 concentrates on The Texas Drifter - a prolific recording artist and yodeller whose real name was Goebel Reeves - and Bill Cox, aka The Dixie Songbird. Disc 4 is a mixture of well known (Hank Snow, Ernest Tubb) and less familiar performers, the disc ending with a curiosity, a compilation of extracts from Jimmie Rodgers recordings assembled as a medley. These selections were remastered in London, England in 1935 and were probably only meant for export markets outside the USA. For such a record to have been issued at all demonstrates just how far Jimmie Rodgers' fame spread.


  1. Name
  2. W. Lee O�daniel & His Hillbilly Boys - Yodeling Ranger
  3. W. Lee O�daniel & His Hillbilly Boys - Tuck Away My Lonesome Blues
  4. Daddy John Love - My Little Red Ford
  5. Daddy John Love - Cotton Mill Blues
  6. Fleming & Townsend - Gonna Quit Drinkin� When I Die
  7. The Rhythm Wreckers - Never No Mo� Blues
  8. The Rhythm Wreckers - Blue Yodel 2 (My Lovin� Gal Lucille)
  9. Bill Boyd & His Cowboy Ramblers - Wind Swept Desert (Desert Blues)
  10. Bill Carlisle - Rattlin� Daddy
  11. Val & Pete - Yodel Blues (Part 1)
  12. Val & Pete - Yodel Blues (Part 2)
  13. Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys - Never No More Hard Times Blues
  14. Riley Puckett - Sleep Baby Sleep
  15. Riley Puckett - Away Out On The Mountain
  16. Riley Puckett - The Moonshiner�s Dream
  17. Riley Puckett - Way Out There
  18. Riley Puckett - Back On The Texas Plains
  19. Riley Puckett - Peach Pickin� Time In Georgia
  20. Buddy Jones - Mean Old Lonesome Blues
  21. Buddy Jones - The Women (�bout To Make A Wreck Out Of Me)
  22. Buddy Jones - Shreveport County Jail Blues
  23. Buddy Jones - Dear Old Sunny South By The Sea
  24. Leon Chappelear - Trifling Mama Blues
  25. Bill Simmons - Rocky Mountain Blues
  26. Bill Simmons - Rocky Mountain Sweetheart
  27. Gene Autry -Blue Yodel 5
  28. Gene Autry -No One To Call Me Darling
  29. Gene Autry - Frankie And Johnny
  30. Gene Autry - Waiting For A Train
  31. Gene Autry - Blue Yodel 4 (California Blues)
  32. Gene Autry - Whisper Your Mother�s Name
  33. Gene Autry - Hobo Bill�s Last Ride
  34. Gene Autry - The Yodeling Hobo
  35. Gene Autry - He�s In The Jailhouse Now No.2
  36. Gene Autry - High Powered Mama
  37. Gene Autry - Pistol Packin� Papa
  38. Gene Autry - Any Old Time
  39. Gene Autry - That�s How I Got My Start
  40. Gene Autry - Bear Cat Papa Blues
  41. Gene Autry -Jimmie The Kid
  42. Gene Autry -Travellin� Blues
  43. Gene Autry - Jailhouse Blues
  44. Gene Autry - Methodist Pie
  45. Gene Autry - Dallas County Jail Blues
  46. Gene Autry - T.B. Blues
  47. Gene Autry - I�ll Always Be A Rambler
  48. Gene Autry - I�m Atlanta Bound
  49. Gene Autry - High Steppin� Mama Blues
  50. Gene Autry - Gangster�s Warning
  51. Gene Autry - Life Of Jimmie Rodgers
  52. The Texas Drifter - The Drifter (Part 1)
  53. The Texas Drifter - The Drifter (Part 2)
  54. The Texas Drifter - At The End Of The Hobo�s Trail
  55. The Texas Drifter - The Oklahoma Kid
  56. The Texas Drifter - I Learned About Women From Her
  57. The Texas Drifter - The Hobo�s Last Letter
  58. The Texas Drifter- Station H.O.B.O.
  59. The Texas Drifter - Railroad Boomer
  60. The Texas Drifter - The Tramp�s Mother
  61. The Texas Drifter - Mother-In-Law Blues
  62. The Texas Drifter - Fortunes Galore
  63. The Texas Drifter - Little Joe The Wrangler
  64. The Texas Drifter - John Law And The Hobo
  65. The Texas Drifter - The Prisoner�s Song
  66. The Texas Drifter - Cowboy�s Lullabye
  67. The Texas Drifter - The Wayward Son
  68. The Texas Drifter - Reckless Tex
  69. The Texas Drifter - Miss Jackson Tennessee
  70. The Texas Drifter - The Yodelin� Teacher
  71. Bill Cox - Jackson County
  72. Bill Cox - When We Meet On The Beautiful Shore
  73. Bill Cox - My Rough And Rowdy Ways
  74. Bill Cox - A High Silk Hat And A Gold Top Walking Cane
  75. Bill Cox - Lay My Head Beneath The Rose
  76. Bill Cox - Where The Red, Red Roses Grow
  77. Cliff Carlisle - The Cowboy�s Dying Dream
  78. Stuart Hamblen - Wrong Keyhole
  79. Frankie Marvin - I�m In The Jailhouse Now
  80. Frankie Marvin - I�m Gonna Yodel My Way To Heaven
  81. Ramblin� Red Lowery - Bum On The Bum
  82. Ramblin� Red Lowery - Ramblin� Red�s Memphis Yodel No.1
  83. 7. Ernest Tubb - The Passing Of Jimmie Rodgers
  84. Ernest Tubb - The Last Thoughts Of Jimmie Rodgers
  85. Ernest Tubb - Married Man Blues
  86. Ernest Tubb - Mean Old Bed Bug Blues
  87. Ernest Tubb - My Mother Is Lonely
  88. Ernest Tubb - The Right Train To Heaven
  89. Ernest Tubb - The T.B. Is Whipping Me
  90. Ernest Tubb - Since That Black Cat Crossed My Path
  91. Wilf Carter (Montana Slim) - Yodeling Hillbilly
  92. Wilf Carter (Montana Slim) - The Old Barn Dance
  93. Wilf Carter (Montana Slim) - Rootin� Tootin� Cowboy
  94. Wilf Carter (Montana Slim) - It�s A Cowboy�s Night To Howl
  95. Hank Snow (Hank The Yodeling Ranger)
  96. Hank Snow (Hank The Yodeling Ranger) - The Hobo�s Last Ride
  97. Hank Snow (Hank The Yodeling Ranger) - Wandering On
  98. Hank Snow (Hank The Yodeling Ranger) - Polka Dot Blues
  99. Jimmie Rodgers & The Rainbow Ranch Boys - In The Jailhouse Now No.2
  100. Jimmie Rodgers & The Rainbow Ranch Boys - Peach Pickin� Time Down In Georgia
  101. Jimmie Rodgers Medley (Part 1) Intro: My Old Pal/Dear Old Sunny South By The Sea/Blue Yodel No. 1
  102. Jimmie Rodgers Medley (Part 2) Intro: Daddy And Home/Away Out On The Mountain/Blue Yodel No. 4
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