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Various Artists

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Various Artists
Various Artists


During the Depression era of the 1930s and on into the 50's, street musicians were a commonplace of Black American life. In rural areas entertainers tended to follow a path determined by the seasons - they arranged to be around just as the crops came in and work and money became abundant. In the cities they would also chase the dollar, playing in open-air markets, outside taverns, anywhere they could find a receptive and generous audience. Many of these artists restricted their repertoires to the religious material that found a wide audience in days when the hope of heaven was all that sustained many. These singers, most of whom accompanied themselves on the guitar, usually had any combination of three reasons for being on the corner singing for pennies: they might be blind, with no other way of scraping a living; they might be escaping (or tired of seeking) more arduous work; they might be true evangelists on a God-given mission. The 101 tracks on this 4CD set feature Blind Rev Gary Davis, Blind Joe Amos, Blind Joe Taggart, Blind Willie Davis, Blind Gussie Nesbit, Brother Willie Eason, Sister Matthews, Sister O M Terrell, Mother McCollum, Rev Charles White, Two Gospel Keys, Elizabeth Phillips, Eddie Head & His Family, Henry Green and Bull City Red.


  1. Name
  2. I Will Not Be Removed - Blind Joe Taggart
  3. Everybody's Got To Be Tried - Blind Joe Taggart
  4. I'll Be Satisfied - Blind Joe Taggart
  5. Take Your Burden To The Lord - Blind Joe Taggart
  6. I Wish My Mother Was On That train - Blind Joe Taggart
  7. Just Beyond Jordan - Blind Joe Taggart
  8. Keep On The Firing Line - Blind Joe Taggart
  9. The Half Ain't Never Been Told - Blind Joe Taggart
  10. C & O Blues - Blind Joe Amos
  11. The Storm Is Passing Over - Blind Joe Taggart
  12. God's Gonna Separate The Wheat From The Tares - Blind Joe Taggart
  13. Been Listening All The Day - Blind Joe Taggart
  14. Goin' To Rest Where Jesus Is - Blind Joe Taggart
  15. There's A Hand Writing On The Wall - Blind Joe Taggart
  16. Scandalous And A Shame - Blind Joe Taggart
  17. I've Crossed The Separation Line - Blind Joe Taggart
  18. Lord Don't Drive Me Away - Blind Joe Taggart
  19. Religion Is Something Within You - Blind Joe Taggart
  20. Mother's Love - Blind Joe Taggart
  21. Wonder Will My Troubles Then Be Over - Blind Joe Taggart
  22. Strange Things Happening In The Land - Blind Joe Taggart
  23. Waded In The Water trying To Get Home - Blind Joe Taggart
  24. He Done What The World Couldn't Do - Blind Joe Taggart
  25. Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down - Blind Joe Taggart
  26. I Ain't No Sinner Now - Blind Joe Taggart
  27. Pressin' Up That Shiny Way - Blind Joe Taggart
  28. In That Pearly White City Above - Blind Joe Taggart
  29. I Wonder Will My Mother Be On That Train? - Blind Joe Taggart
  30. God's gonna Separate The Wheat From The Tares - Blind Joe Taggart
  31. When I Stand Before The King - Blind Joe Taggart
  32. I Ain't No Sinner Now - Blind Joe Taggart
  33. Charity - Two Gospel Keys
  34. I Love Traveling - Two Gospel Keys
  35. I Want My Crown - Two Gospel Keys
  36. We're Gonna Have A Good Time - Two Gospel Keys
  37. Precious Lord - Two Gospel Keys
  38. You've Got To Move (When The Lord Gets Ready) - Two Gospel Keys
  39. I Don't Feel At Home In This World Anymore - Two Gospel Keys
  40. You've Got To Move (When The Lord Gets Ready) - Two Gospel Keys
  41. Can't No Grave Hold My Body Down - Two Gospel Keys
  42. Jesus Met The Women At The Well - Two Gospel Keys
  43. Precious Lord - Two Gospel Keys
  44. I Don't Want To Go There Part 1 - Two Gospel Keys
  45. I Don't Want To Go Down There Part 2 - Two Gospel Keys
  46. This Heart Of Mine - Two Gospel Keys
  47. Every Man Got To Lay Down And Die - Two Gospel Keys
  48. I Can't Tarry - Two Gospel Keys
  49. A Little Old Fashion - Elizabeth Phillips
  50. There Is Nothing Like The Holy Spirit - Elizabeth Phillips
  51. Storm Thru Mississippi - Henry Green
  52. Strange Things - Henry Green
  53. When The Saints Go Marching In - Blind Willie Davis
  54. Rock Of Ages Chicago - Blind Willie Davis
  55. Your Enemy Cannot Harm You - Blind Willie Davis
  56. I've Got A Key To The Kingdom - Blind Willie Davis
  57. Trust In God And Do Right - Blind Willie Davis
  58. I Believe I'll Go Back Home - Blind Willie Davis
  59. Down On Me - Eddie Head And His Family
  60. Lord, I'm True Vine - Eddie Head And His Family
  61. Trying To Get Home - Eddie Head And His Family
  62. Within My Mind - Eddie Head And His Family
  63. There'll Be No Grumblers There - Brother Willie Eason
  64. I Want To Live (So God Can Use Me) - Brother Willie Eason
  65. How Long - Rev. Charles White (James Butler)
  66. Life Is A Problem - Sister O.M. Terrell
  67. How Long - Sister O.M. Terrell
  68. God's Little Birds - Sister O.M. Terrell
  69. The Bible's Right - Sister O.M. Terrell
  70. The Gambling Man - Sister O.M. Terrell
  71. I'm Going To That City - Sister O.M. Terrell
  72. Swing Low Sweet Chariot - Sister O.M. Terrell
  73. Lord I Want You To Lead - Sister O.M. Terrell
  74. Pure Religion - Blind Gussie Nesbit
  75. Canaan Land New York - Blind Gussie Nesbit
  76. Motherless Children - Blind Gussie Nesbit
  77. I'll Just Stand And Wring My Hands And Cry - Blind Gussie Nesbit
  78. I'm Throwin' Up My Hands - Blind Gary Davis
  79. Cross And Evil Woman Blues - Blind Gary Davis
  80. I Am The True Vine - Blind Gary Davis
  81. I Am The Light Of The World - Blind Gary Davis
  82. O Lord Search My Heart - Blind Gary Davis
  83. I Saw The Light - Bull City Red (George Washington)
  84. You Can Go Home - Blind Gary Davis
  85. Twelve Gates To The City - Blind Gary Davis
  86. Have More Faith In Jesus - Blind Gary Davis
  87. You Got To Go Down - Blind Gary Davis
  88. I Belong To The Band - Hallelujah! - Blind Gary Davis
  89. The Great Change In Me - Blind Gary Davis
  90. Lord, I Wish I Could See - Blind Gary Davis
  91. Lord Stand By Me - Blind Gary Davis
  92. The Angel's Message To Me New York - Blind Gary Davis
  93. Civil War March - Blind Gary Davis
  94. I Cannot Bear My Burden By Myself - Blind Gary Davis
  95. I'm Gonna' Meet You At The Station - Blind Gary Davis
  96. I Want To See Him - Mother McCollum
  97. When I Take My Vacation In Heaven - Mother McCollum
  98. You Can't Hide - Mother McCollum
  99. Jesus Is My Air-O-Plane - Mother McCollum
  100. Oh Lord I'm Your Child - Mother McCollum
  101. Glory! Glory! Hallelujah! - Mother McCollum
  102. Stand By Me - Sister Matthews
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