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Rockin' This House: Chicago Blues Piano 1946-1953

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Rockin' This House: Chicago Blues Piano 1946-1953
Rockin' This House: Chicago Blues Piano 1946-1953


There was a time when Chicago blues pianists ruled the roost in the taverns where blues was played. Many homes had pianos, too, and when rent parties were thrown an 88-er could work all night for food and drink, showing off his latest licks to his peers who waited their turn to shine. It was a hand-to-mouth existence but if those hands could stretch an octave or more then the mouth would be provided for. Over half of this 4CD set is devoted to arguably the most internationally famous and successful of these pianists, Memphis Slim (so nicknamed because he was born and raised in Memphis before settling in Chicago). There are also a dozen sides by Slim's mentor, Roosevelt Sykes, and one entire disc of recordings by Eddie Boyd, who found his form later than the other two but eventually had a hugely influential hit with "Five Long Years", included here. Accompanists include guitarists Matt Murphy, Henry Townsend and Lonnie Graham, and the famous bassist Willie Dixon.


  1. Name
  2. Now I Got The Blues
  3. Don't Ration My Love
  4. Mistake In Life
  5. Grinder Man Blues
  6. Slim's Boogie
  7. Little Mary
  8. Cheatin' Around
  9. Letter Home
  10. Kilroy Has Been Here
  11. Rockin' This House
  12. Lend Me Your Love
  13. Darling I Miss You
  14. Pacemaker Boogie
  15. Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child
  16. Harlem Bound
  17. Life Is Like That
  18. Nobody Loves Me
  19. Believe I'll Settle Down
  20. Throw This Poor Dog A Bone
  21. Help Me Some
  22. Country Girl
  23. Blue And Lonesome
  24. Angel Child
  25. Midnight Jump
  26. Messin' Around
  27. You And I
  28. Timsy's Whimsy
  29. Frisco Bay
  30. Restless Nights
  31. If You Live That Life
  32. Love At First Sight
  33. Jumping Bean
  34. Letter Home (1)
  35. Grinder Man Blues
  36. Slim's Boogie
  37. Mistake In Life
  38. Girl I Love
  39. Mean Little Woman
  40. Train Is Comin'
  41. Question
  42. Drivin' Me Mad
  43. Never Let Me Love
  44. Train Time
  45. Blue Evening
  46. No Mail
  47. Gona Need My Help Someday
  48. Back Alley
  49. Living The Life I Love
  50. Come Back
  51. 5 O'Clock Blues
  52. Call Me Before You Go Home
  53. This Is My Lucky Day
  54. I Love My Baby
  55. Wish Me Well
  56. Four Years Of Torment
  57. Sassy Mae
  58. Blues And Lonesome
  59. Memphis Slim USA
  60. She's Alright
  61. Two Of A Kind
  62. Got To Find My Baby
  63. Blues All Around My Head
  64. Treat Me Like I Treat You
  65. My Country Gal (Gray)
  66. Lowland Blues - Sykes, Roosevelt
  67. Savoy Boogie - Sykes, Roosevelt
  68. Candy Man Blues - Sykes, Roosevelt
  69. Why Should I Cry - Sykes, Roosevelt
  70. Drivin' Wheel - Sykes, Roosevelt
  71. Rock It - Sykes, Roosevelt
  72. West Helena Blues - Sykes, Roosevelt
  73. Mail Box Blues - Sykes, Roosevelt
  74. Winter Time Blues - Sykes, Roosevelt
  75. Blues 'n' Boogie - Sykes, Roosevelt
  76. Green Onion Top - Sykes, Roosevelt
  77. Wonderin' Blues - Sykes, Roosevelt
  78. I Had To Let Her Go - Boyd, Eddie
  79. Kilroy Won't Be Back - Boyd, Eddie
  80. You Got To Leave That Gal - Boyd, Eddie
  81. Rosa Lee Swing - Boyd, Eddie
  82. Unfair Lovers - Boyd, Eddie
  83. Blue Monday Blues - Boyd, Eddie
  84. Why Did She Leave Me - Boyd, Eddie
  85. Playmate Shuffle - Boyd, Eddie
  86. Mr Highway Man - Boyd, Eddie
  87. Getting My Divorce - Boyd, Eddie
  88. What Makes These Things Happen To Me - Boyd, Eddie
  89. Baby What's Wrong With You - Boyd, Eddie
  90. Chicago Is Just That Way - Boyd, Eddie
  91. Eddie's Blues - Boyd, Eddie
  92. I Can Trust My Baby - Boyd, Eddie
  93. Down Beat Rhythm - Boyd, Eddie
  94. Something Good Will Come To Me - Boyd, Eddie
  95. Why Don't You Be Wise Baby - Boyd, Eddie
  96. I Gotta Find My Baby - Boyd, Eddie
  97. Lonesome For My Baby - Boyd, Eddie
  98. I'm Goin' Downtown - Boyd, Eddie
  99. Hard Headed Woman - Boyd, Eddie
  100. It's Miserable To Be Alone - Boyd, Eddie
  101. Five Long Years - Boyd, Eddie
  102. Blue Coat Man - Boyd, Eddie
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