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Volume 2: When I Feel Froggie I'm Gonna Hop

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Volume 2: When I Feel Froggie I'm Gonna Hop
Volume 2: When I Feel Froggie I'm Gonna Hop


Volume 2: When I Feel Froggie I'm Gonna Hop by Cliff Carlisle


  1. Name
  2. T For Texas
  3. Down In The Jailhouse On My Knees
  4. Blue Yodel No. 6
  5. Just A Lonely Hobo
  6. Virgina Blues
  7. On My Way To Lonesome Valley
  8. I'm Lonely And Blue
  9. Never No Mo' Blues
  10. Crazy Blues
  11. Hobo Jack's Last Ride
  12. Alone And Lonesome
  13. When You Wore A Tulip
  14. Birmingham Jail
  15. Shine On Harvest Moon
  16. The Plea Of A Mother
  17. When The Cactus Is In Bloom
  18. She's Waiting For Me
  19. The Cowboy Song
  20. Childhood Dreams
  21. The Fatal Run
  22. Nobody Wants Me
  23. Memories That Make Me Cry
  24. Desert Blues
  25. Childhood Dreams
  26. Where Southern Roses Climb
  27. Box Car Yodel
  28. Birmingham Jail No. 2
  29. Alone And Lonesome
  30. Going Back To Alabama
  31. The Written Letter
  32. My Two Time Mama
  33. Just A Lonely Hobo
  34. My Lonely Boyhood Days
  35. Roll On Blue Moon
  36. Hobo Jack's Last Ride
  37. Dream A Little Dream Of Me
  38. Louisiana Blues
  39. Wreck Of No. 52
  40. I'm Glad I'm A Hobo
  41. Ramblin' Jack
  42. Fussin' Mama
  43. Longing For You
  44. The Rustler's Fate
  45. The Little Dobie Shack
  46. Blue Eyes
  47. The Vacant Cabin Door
  48. End Of Memory Lane
  49. Looking For Tomorrow
  50. Traveling Life Alone
  51. Ramshackled Shack On The Hill
  52. Don't Marry The Wrong Woman
  53. Sunshine And Daisy's
  54. Georgia Moon
  55. Dollar's All I Crave
  56. On The Lone Prairie
  57. The Bunch Of Cactus On The Wall
  58. Casey Country Jail
  59. Valley Of Peace
  60. Will You Meet Me Just Inside
  61. Jesus My All
  62. Won't Somebody Pal With Me
  63. Sweet Nannie Lisle
  64. Hen Pecked Man
  65. So Blue
  66. Look Out I'm Shifting Gears
  67. In A Box Car Around The World
  68. Two Little Sweethearts
  69. A Little White Rose
  70. The Flower Of The Valley
  71. Just A Song At Childhood
  72. They Say It Is The End Of The Trail Old Paint
  73. My Old Saddle Horse Is Missing
  74. That Good Old Utah Trail
  75. When I Feel Froggie I'm Gonna Hop
  76. Shufflin' Gal
  77. When I'm Dead And Gone
  78. Just A Wayward Boy
  79. There's A Lamp In The Window Tonight
  80. Ridin' That Lonesome Train
  81. A Little Bit Of Lovin' From You
  82. Blue Dreams
  83. Rocky Road
  84. Sweet As The Roses Of Spring
  85. The Poor Widow
  86. Your Saddle Is Empty Tonight
  87. Lonely
  88. The Gal I Left Behind
  89. Ridin' The Blinds To The Call Of The Pines
  90. When The Old Cow Went Dry
  91. Deep Sea Blues
  92. My Little Sadie
  93. Flag That Train
  94. Go And Leave Me If You Wish To
  95. You'll Never Know
  96. No Wedding Blues
  97. I Believe I'm Entitled To You
  98. She Waits For Me There
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