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The Classic Sides 1947-1953

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The Classic Sides 1947-1953
The Classic Sides 1947-1953


Singer and pianist Sunnyland Slim was a man who always had an angle, always had a Plan B if a project fell through, always had a sideline that brought in the necessary until the next hustle kicked in. But then there was his tender heart. "Music wasn't really his biggest ambition," bass player Bob Stroger told D. Thomas Moon. "He always wanted to help people, it looked like". Born in Mississippi, eventually settled in Chicago, Slim's wideboy personality and open-house policy meant that he got to know, gig and record with many of that city's bluesmen in the post-WWII years, both as accompanist and with them playing on his recordings. This set presents both aspects of Slim during his heyday, the cast list of 'pals' including the likes of Johnny Shines, Robert Lockwood, Leroy Foster, J B Lenoir, Jimmy Rogers, Snooky Prior and more. Another authoritative JSP spotlight on a special time in a particularly fertile patch of blues history.


  1. Name
  2. Farewell Little Girl
  3. Broke And Hungry
  4. Illinois Central
  5. Nappy Head Woman
  6. Across The Hall Blues
  7. Walking With The Blues
  8. Sweet Lucy Blues
  9. No Whiskey Blues
  10. Jivin' Boogie
  11. Brown Skin Woman
  12. My Heavy Load
  13. Keep Your Hands Out Of My Money
  14. 5 Foot 4 Gal
  15. I've Done You Wrong
  16. Roll, Tumble And Slip (I Cried)
  17. Train Time (4 O'clock Blues)
  18. Hard Times
  19. School Days
  20. Blue Baby
  21. I Want My Baby
  22. Mud Kicking Woman
  23. Every Time I Get To Drinking
  24. Bad Times (Cost Of Living)
  25. Hard Time (When Mother's Gone)
  26. Brown Skin Woman
  27. I'm Just A Lonesome Man
  28. Back To The Korea Blues
  29. It's All Over Now
  30. The Fat Man: You've Got To Stop This Mess
  31. The Fat Man: Glad I Don't Worry No More
  32. Down Home Child
  33. Sunnyland Special
  34. Leaving Your Town (No Names Blues)
  35. Mary Lee
  36. I Done You Wrong
  37. Orphan Boy Blues
  38. When I Was Young (Shake It Baby)
  39. (Low Down) Sunnyland Train
  40. Aint' Nothing But A Child
  41. Brown Skinned Woman
  42. Hit The Road Again
  43. Gin Drinkin' Baby
  44. Shake It Baby
  45. Woman Trouble (Overnight)
  46. City Of New Orleans
  47. When I Was Young
  48. Bassology
  49. Worried About My Baby
  50. Troubles Of My Own
  51. Worried About My Baby
  52. I Done You Wrong
  53. Be My Baby
  54. Going Back To Memphis
  55. Devil Is A Busy Man
  56. Shake It Baby
  57. Bassology
  58. Four Day Bound
  59. That Woman
  60. Be Mine Alone
  61. Sad And Lonesome
  62. Living In the White House
  63. Please Don't
  64. Dust My Broom
  65. Pearly B
  66. I'm Gonna Dig Myself A Hole
  67. Dust My Broom
  68. Glory For Man
  69. My Daily Wish
  70. Big World
  71. Dark Road
  72. Schooldays On My Mind
  73. Ain't Times Hard
  74. Floyd's Blues
  75. Any Old Lonesome Day
  76. Pet Rabbit
  77. Louella
  78. Late Hours At Midnight
  79. Blues Is Killin' Me
  80. I Wanna Play A Little While
  81. Louise
  82. Let's Roll
  83. People Are Meddlin' In Our Affairs
  84. I Have Married
  85. The Mountain
  86. I'll Die Tryin'
  87. How Much More
  88. The Mojo
  89. Slow Down Woman
  90. I Want My Baby
  91. How Can I Leave
  92. Ludella
  93. I'm In Love
  94. That's All Right
  95. Shame On You Baby
  96. I'm Not Satisfied
  97. Trying To Change My Ways
  98. Hard Work Boogie
  99. Your Evil Ways
  100. I Sit Up All Night
  101. State Street Blues
  102. Mother's Day
  103. Chicago Woman Blues
  104. Nervous Breakdown
  105. Old Age Has Got Me
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