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Blues Blasters Boogie

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Blues Blasters Boogie
Blues Blasters Boogie


The first time these seminal early recordings by one of the most influential and creative figures in post war Blues and R&B/Soul. With the recent sad death of Jimmy McCracklin now is time to reappraise his amazing early sides. His first recordings were just solo piano and vocals but he soon become one of the seminal figures in the creation of the new sounds of Rhythm & Blues. All of his rocking R&B sides are here up to 1955 and as a bonus the final tracks on disc D feature an album he cut in the 1970's where he revisited his classic sound with a terrific band including Wild Willie Moore on sax. This 4 disc set is the first box set and serious coverage of this artist.


  1. Name
  2. Miss Mattie Left Me
  3. Mean Mistreated Lover
  4. Highway 101
  5. Baby Dont You Want To Go
  6. Achin Heart
  7. Street Loafin Woman
  8. You Deceived Me
  9. Ola May
  10. Shes A Wino
  11. Rock And Rye: Pt 1
  12. Rock And Rye: Pt 2
  13. You Had Your Chance
  14. Special For You
  15. Rock And Rye
  16. Miss Minnie Lee Blues
  17. Playin On Me
  18. Big Foot Mama
  19. Bad Luck And Trouble
  20. Railroad Blues
  21. Jimmys Blues
  22. Bad Condition Blues
  23. Blues Blasters Shuffle
  24. Low Down Mood
  25. Shes My Baby
  26. When Im Gone
  27. South Side Mood
  28. Listen Woman
  29. I Cant Understand Love
  30. Josephine (Just Wont Let Her Go)
  31. Ill Get A Break Someday
  32. Love When It Rains
  33. Your Heart Aint Right
  34. My Life Depends On You
  35. Gonna Find Another Woman
  36. I Think My Time Is Here
  37. Deceivin Blues
  38. Beer Drinkin Woman
  39. Up And Down Blues
  40. Just Wont Let Her Go
  41. Rockin All Day
  42. Gotta Cut Out
  43. You Deceived Me
  44. Bad Health Blues
  45. Ragged As A Mop (Hamburger Joint)
  46. Deceivin Blues: Tk 1
  47. Beer Drinkin Woman: Alt Tk
  48. Up And Down Blues: Alt Tk
  49. Just Wont Let Her Go: Alt Tk
  50. Looking For A Woman
  51. You Dont Love Me
  52. Im Gonna Have My Fun
  53. True Love Blues
  54. Rockin Man
  55. Whats Your Phone Number
  56. Thats Life
  57. Blues For The People
  58. House Rockin Blues
  59. Movin On Down The Line
  60. I Am Tired
  61. My Days Are Limited
  62. Shes Gone
  63. She Felt Too Good
  64. Share And Share Alike
  65. The Cheater
  66. Pleasin Papa
  67. The End
  68. Hear My Story
  69. I Dont Want No Woman
  70. Blues And Trouble
  71. Hello Baby
  72. We Could Make A Go I Know
  73. Everytime
  74. Night And Day
  75. You Look So Fine: Tk 1
  76. You Look So Fine: Tk 2
  77. Blues Blasters Boogie
  78. The Panics On
  79. Darlin Share Your Love
  80. Give My Heart A Break
  81. Please Forgive Me Baby
  82. Couldnt Be A Dream
  83. Gonna Tell Your Mother
  84. That Aint Right
  85. Dont Have To Worry: JERRY THOMAS
  86. Lost Mind: JERRY THOMAS
  87. Something About You
  88. When You Was A Little Girl
  89. Just Couldnt Take My Rest
  90. I Told Ya Mama
  91. Where I Got My Start
  92. Cry On
  93. Copyright On Your Love
  94. Make Love To Me
  95. Sue And Pat
  96. Reconsider Baby
  97. I Got To Know
  98. Arkansas
  99. Youre The One
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