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12" Vinyl
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Vinyl release of high sought after Ingladaloneness EP from Dalis car feat. Peter Murphy (Bauhuas) & Mick Karn (Japan) Dalis Car, formed in 1984 by Bauhaus' Peter Murphy (vocalist), Japan's Mick Karn (bassist, keyboardist, guitarist, saxophonist) and Paul Vincent Lawford (rhythm construction). Initially, they recorded one album, The Waking Hour in 1984. In August 2010, Peter Murphy announced that he and Karn were planning on re-forming Dalis Car to record a second album, the project was cut short, as Karn had recently been diagnosed with cancer and passed away in the following January. The tracks they did record in that brief reunion included a re-working of 'Artemis' from The Waking Hour with newly added vocals, guitar, and drums, and renamed 'Artemis Rise'; and were released in April 2012 as an EP entitled InGladAloneness. The EP begins with the life-affirming 'King Cloud' and 'Sound Cloud' driven by Karn's dense and compelling bass and bassoon patterns and Murphy's singular voice, the songs contain lyrics that emotionally echo Murphy's response to Karn's condition and suggest musical directions the project might have pursued had it continued as a creative concern. Along with the inventively multi-layered re-imagining of 'Artemis', these pieces operate as the rhythmically propelled spiritual storm before the glacial calm of the two closing numbers. The Arvo Part meets Turkish chant lament of 'Subhanallah' and prefaced by a mournful Karn instrumental the deeply personal reading of Jaques Brel's classic 'If You Go Away' (a favourite song of Karn's), provide a moving conclusion to a poignant final statement. The EP also features Karn's Japan bandmate Steve Jansen on drums and original Dalis Car drummer Paul Lawford on congas; and was mixed by Steve Jansen, mastered by Pieter Snaper in Istanbul, with artwork created by Murphy, Thomas Bak with a painting by Jaroslaw Kukowski. Kscope are re-releasing this highly sought after EP on 12" 180g black vinyl, with original cover artwork and a printed inner sleeve bag.


  1. Name
  2. King Cloud ( 05:01 )
  3. Sound Cloud ( 04:25 )
  4. Artemis Rise ( 04:52 )
  5. Subhanallah ( 02:16 )
  6. If You Go Away ( 02:51 )
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