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J.S. Bach: Little Preludes, Notebook For Anna Magdalena

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J.S. Bach: Little Preludes, Notebook For Anna Magdalena
J.S. Bach: Little Preludes, Notebook For Anna Magdalena


It's impossible to imagine a musical training without Bach, from children's music academies to conservatories. Bach is here to stay. When I started teaching children in the 1970s, quite a few of my colleagues were making fruitless attempts to (partially) replace Bach with Bartok's Mikrokosmos. The children, however, had very little if any enthusiasm for Bartok's music and their teachers eventually had to back down. Bartok, with all due respect, was no match for Bach.

So what makes Bach's music so indispensable? Bach's inventiveness in fusing melody, harmony and rhythm into a logical and coherent narrative is simply astonishing and remains unrivalled even today. For everyone blessed with an ear for music, Bach's music evokes the same deep emotions as when it was composed some three hundred years ago. Bach was a master of polyphony as well; if you can follow the individual lines in his fugues and make them audible, you're well on your way to becoming a good pianist

Jan Vermeulen is considered one of today's most prominent fortepiano virtuosos. After his piano studies at the Brussels conservatory, his interest and urge for authenticity pushed him into the direction of historical instruments. His pioneering recording of the sonatas of CM von Weber at the beginning of the nineties marked the start of a flourishing career as a fortepiano artist.


  1. Name
  2. J.S. Bach: Little Preludes - BWV 933 in C major
  3. BWV 934 in C minor
  4. BWV 935 in D minor
  5. BWV 936 in D major
  6. BWV 937 in E major
  7. BWV 938 in E minor
  8. BWV 924 in C major
  9. BWV 926 in D minor
  10. BWV 927 in F major
  11. BWV 930 in G minor
  12. BWV 928 in F major
  13. BWV 925 in D major
  14. BWV 939 in C major
  15. BWV 940 in D minor
  16. BWV 941 in E minor
  17. BWV 942 in A minor
  18. BWV 943 in C major
  19. BWV 999 in C minor
  20. BWV 929 in G minor (G.H. Stölzel)
  21. Notebook for Anna Magadalena Bach: Menuet BWV Anh. 113 in F major
  22. Menuet BWV Anh. 114 in G major (Chr. Petzold)
  23. Menuet BWV Anh. 115 in G minor (Chr. Petzold)
  24. Menuet BWV Anh. 116 in G major
  25. Menuet BWV Anh. 118 in B flat major
  26. Polonaise BWV Anh. 119 in G minor
  27. BWV 512 in E minor
  28. Menuet BWV Anh. 120 in A minor
  29. Menuet BWV Anh. 121 in C minor
  30. Marche BWV Anh. 122 in D major
  31. Polonaise BWV Anh. 123 in G minor
  32. Marche BWV Anh. 124 in G major
  33. Polonaise BWV Anh. 125 in G minor
  34. Aria BWV 515 in D minor
  35. Menuet fait par Mons. Böhm in G major
  36. Musette BWV Anh. 126 in D major
  37. No. 127 in E flat major
  38. BWV Anh. 128 in D minor
  39. Polonaise BWV Anh. 130 in G major
  40. BWV 846, 1 in C major
  41. BWV Anh. 131 in F major
  42. Menuet BWV Anh. 132 in D minor
  43. Inventions (two part Inventions): No. 1, BWV 772 in C major
  44. No. 2, BWV 773 in C minor
  45. No. 3, BWV 774 in D major
  46. No. 4, BWV 775 in D minor
  47. No. 6, BWV 777 in E major
  48. No. 8, BWV 779 in F major
  49. No. 9, BWV 780 in F minor
  50. No. 13, BWV 784 in A minor
  51. No. 14, BWV 785 in B flat major
  52. Musette BWV Anh. 126 in D major (alternative version)
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