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First new album in 8 years from Montreal-based technical death metal band, Beneath the Massacre.Canada-based tech-death specialists Beneath the Massacre have returned! After nearly eight years of slumber, the Great Beastfrom the North is ready to slay fretboards, shatter blastbeat records, and blow minds again on their fourth album and Century Mediadebut, Fearmonger. While most bands that go dormant will shed members due to natural causes, the Quebecoise in Beneath theMassacre are a close-knit group, particularly where it concerns the Bradley brothers-Christopher Bradley (guitars) and DennisBradley (bass)-and their lifelong friend in vocalist Elliot Desgagnes. First and foremost, the trio are a brotherhood. Secondly, thisunion has afforded the trio-drummer Patrice Hamelin left to focus on Gorguts-the understanding that when they dropped out ofthe picture eight years ago, they would be able to pick up immediately where Incongruous left off no questions asked."It was an on and off process," says Desgagnes of the time and songwriting gap between Incongruous and Fearmonger. "Sometracks were written right after the release of Incongruous and others as late as the month before entering studio. We just neededsome down time after our last album. Some of us were busy with school, careers, other musical projects and Dennis and Elliot hadto undergo surgery so even health became a factor. Life got in the way. We really thought that it would be it with the band, but everynow and then, we met up and wrote tunes and the tunes became an album."Indeed, the songwriting sessions for Fearmonger were naturally spread out over time. The benefit, at least according to Desgagnes,was that the months (or years) between songwriting sessions resulted in a set of new songs that had separation. Fearmonger isn'tan album of single mind or a pre-defined formula. Rather, it's an album that flows naturally yet retains-still very much extreme andtech-death to the max!-Beneath the Massacre's trademark go-for-the-jugular sound. From


  1. Name
  2. Rise Of The Fearmonger
  3. Hidden In Plain Sight
  4. Of Gods And Machines
  5. Treacherous
  6. Autonomous Mind
  7. Return To Medusa
  8. Bottom Feeders
  9. Absurd Hero
  10. Flickering Light
  11. Tarnished Legacy
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