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Tools Of The Trade (Summer 2020)

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Tools Of The Trade (Summer 2020)
Tools Of The Trade (Summer 2020)


No Depression started its life as a quarterly print magazine in 1995, fueled by its founding editors' passion for alt-country music and long-form journalism. Over the course of its first print run, it helped solidify the importance of Americana and roots music on the national stage. In the years since, No Depression has developed a robust web publication, publishing long features, honest criticism, and weekly columns in addition to its wealth of community-driven content. In 2015, to celebrate the publication's 20th anniversary, the FreshGrass Foundation brought it back to print as a high-end, ad-free, quarterly journal focused once again on long-form music journalism.Roots music wouldn't happen at all without a certain tool kit. Musicians need instruments to make acoustic music and all kinds of wires and technologies to project that music and transfer it to eager listeners. The Summer 2020 issue of No Depression will explore equipment old and new and digital innovations by sharing stories of luthiers, builders, machinery, and even less tangible songwriting tools to better understand how exactly roots music is made. Included in this issue: Alice Gerrard Alan Lomax Béla Fleck & Toumani Diabaté Pharis & Jason Romero Jaime Wyatt Wild Ponies Kendl Winter, The Lowest Pair Cruz Contreras, The Black Lillies Martin, Breedlove, and Taylor Guitars Fanny's House of Music Birthplace of Country Music Museum American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress ... And so much more! CONTENT Photos/Art: Original design by Marcus Amaker Original cover art by D. Norsen Original photos from No Depression readers


  1. Name
  2. Hello Stranger - Hilary Saunders
  3. 25 Years Of No Depression, Tools Of The Trade
  4. The Musician's Mark - Joe Newberry
  5. The Art Of Inlay: An Instrument's Design Presents An Opportunity For Visual Self-expression - Liz Tracy
  6. How To Build A Green Guitar: Overlogging And Deregulation Push Luthiers To Find Alternative Materials - Greg Cahill
  7. Nowhere To Go But Up - Kendl Winter
  8. 'Everything Was Gone': When Gear Is Stole, Touring Artists Find Comfort, Support From Music Community - Skip Anderson
  9. Opening Doors: Fanny's House Of Music Creates A Safe Space For Women To Buy Gear - Kelly McCartney
  10. Two Feet, One Board: Following The Beat Of French-Canadian Foot Percussion - Devon Léger
  11. Lending Library: Finnish Program Loans Rare And Vintage Instruments To Musicians - Dennis Pernu
  12. Race Against Time: Inside The Efforts To Preserve And Archive Vintage Recordings - Annie Zaleski
  13. Playing The Game: How Roots Music Adapts To The Ever-changing World Of Streaming - Grayson Haver Currin
  14. Bringing The Show Home: How Taping Connects Live Music And Fans - Allison Hussey
  15. Crowdsourcing Alan Lomax - Stephen Winick (American Folklife Center, Library Of Congress)
  16. Switched Together: Jaime Wyatt And Her Mother Bond Ovr Fashion And Music - Rachel Cholst
  17. Challenging Place: The Kora Finds Its Way In Western Roots Music - Hilary Saunders
  18. Contributors
  19. Screen Door - Carrie Elkin
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