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The Ronan Collins Collection 101 Showband Hits

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The Ronan Collins Collection 101 Showband Hits
The Ronan Collins Collection 101 Showband Hits


No! Not 101 years of Showband Hits but, believe it or not, sixty years of Showband Hits, each one carrying memories and mind images of an extraordinary time for music in Ireland The Showband Era Very little video or film of Showband performances exist. But here, just for your ears, are many of the iconic recordings of that time. These tracks will paint the best musical pictures in your head and bring you back to a time and place when life, perhaps, was very different. Or maybe youre discovering these songs and performances for the first time. Well, lucky you, youre in for a real treat! So sit back, relax and listen. Or, if the mood takes you, stand up and dance just like you used to. Whatever way you react, I know it will give you a warm glow, to listen to this compilation. A great selection of Showband Hits - 101 of them! Ronan Collins


  1. Name
  2. The Hucklebuck Brendan Bowyer & The Royal
  3. Walking The Streets In The Rain Butch Moore & The Capitol
  4. Make Me An Island Joe Dolan & The Drifters
  5. Are You Teasing Me Eileen Reid & The Cadets
  6. Chance of A Lifetime Pat McGeegan
  7. Yummy Yummy Yummy The Sands
  8. lll Take Care of Your Cares Sonny Knowles
  9. Simon Says Dickie Rock & The Miami
  10. When Red Hurley
  11. Little Arrows Brendan OBrien & The Dixies
  12. Give Me Back My Love Gina & The Champions
  13. When The Fields Are White With Daisies Sean Dunphy & The Hoedowners
  14. Rock & Roll Youre Beautiful Tony Kenny
  15. Muirsheen Durkin Johnny McEvoy
  16. Cross Your Heart Tina
  17. When We Were Young Pat Lynch & The Airchords
  18. A Place In Your Heart Shaun ODowd
  19. You Gave Me A Mountain Brendan Bowyer & The Big 8
  20. Walking In The Sun Tony Kenny & The Sands
  21. More And More Joe Dolan
  22. Looking Through The Eyes of A Beautiful Girl The Times
  23. Lend A Helping Hand The Sands
  24. Youre The Greatest Lover Gina & The Champions
  25. Dont Lose Your Hucklebuck Shoes Brendan Bowyer & The Royal
  26. Before The Next Teardrop Falls Gene Stuart & The Mighty Avons
  27. Mona Lisa Lost Her Smile Ray Lynam
  28. Lets Dance The Freshmen
  29. Love Matters Chips
  30. The Entertainer The Times
  31. Roses of Picardy Sonny Knowles
  32. Baby Come Back The Conquerors
  33. If I Didnt Have A Dime Tom Dunphy & The Royal
  34. The Sunshine of Your Smile Sean Dunphy
  35. Till Dickie Rock
  36. Yellow River The Gentry
  37. The Wages of Love Muriel Day
  38. Dont Stop The Carousel Roy Taylor
  39. From A Distance Tony Kenny
  40. Behind Closed Doors Brendan Quinn
  41. When Will I See You Again Red Hurley
  42. It Doesnt Matter Anymore Brendan OBrien & The Dixies
  43. Love Thee Dearest Brendan Bowyer
  44. Love Is All Red Hurley
  45. Pal of My Cradle Days Sean Dunphy
  46. King of The Swingers Paddy Cole
  47. Back Home Again Dickie Rock
  48. My Child Sonny Knowles
  49. Papa Ooh Mow Mow The Freshmen
  50. My Son Tony Kenny
  51. Baby Im Your Man The Dreams
  52. Emily Dickie Rock
  53. Quick Joey Small The Real McCoy
  54. Dublin 62 Sean Dunphy
  55. Stand By Your Man Gloria
  56. Take a Letter Maria Roly Daniels
  57. I Dont Know How To Love Him Tina
  58. The Little Old Lady From Pasadena The Freshmen
  59. Me And Bobby McGee Cotton Mill Boys
  60. The Power of Love Derrick & The Sounds
  61. If Ma Could See Me Now The Times
  62. Old Man Trouble Doc Carroll & The Royal Blues
  63. California Sun Brendan Bowyer & The Royal
  64. Theres An Island In The Sun Sean Dunphy & The Hoedowners
  65. Tennessee Special Red Hurley
  66. a) Three Good Reasons b) No One Knows c) No One Will Ever Know Sonny Knowles
  67. Casatchok The Dreams
  68. All Through The Night Tina & Glen Curtin
  69. The Long Black Veil Peter Law & The Pacific
  70. Two Loves Sean Dunphy
  71. Hey Me Amore Roy Taylor, Karen Black & The Nevada
  72. Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song Tony Kenny & Sonny Knowles
  73. This Is It Jim Tobin
  74. Joanne The Swarbriggs
  75. Someday Youll Call My Name Johnny McEvoy
  76. The Same Old Song Brendan Bowyer & The Royal
  77. Among The Wicklow Hills Larry Cunningham
  78. The Way Loves Supposed To Be Tony Stevens
  79. Butterfly Kisses Tony Kenny
  80. I Ran All The Way Home Brendan Bowyer & The Royal
  81. Youre Such A Good Looking Woman Joe Dolan
  82. From The Candy Store On The Corner Dickie Rock & The Miami
  83. Born To Be With You Butch Moore & The Capitol
  84. Its Nice To Be In Love Again The Swarbriggs
  85. Boolavouge Brendan Bowyer
  86. Any Dream Will Do Joe Cuddy
  87. If Were Not Back In Love By Monday Ray Lynam
  88. Foolin Time Butch Moore & The Capitol
  89. I Gave My Wedding Dress Away Eileen Reid & The Cadets
  90. Runaround Angel Johnny McEvoy
  91. Broken Promises Red Hurley
  92. The Answer To Everything Joe Dolan & The Drifters
  93. Dance, Dance, Dance The Sands
  94. Blanket On The Ground Philomena Begley
  95. The Joys of Love Brendan OBrien
  96. You Are No Angel Shaun ODowd
  97. Music From Across The Way Sonny Knowles
  98. Kiss Me Quick Brendan Bowyer & The Royal
  99. Blueberry Hill Paddy Cole
  100. Ballroom Dancing Brendan OBrien & The Dixies
  101. Goodbye Venice Goodbye Joe Dolan
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