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Songs About Love Dreams & Domestic Appliances

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Sons About Love Dreams and Domestic Appliances
Sons About Love Dreams and Domestic Appliances


Len was dubbed 'Legendary' by JOHN PEEL when the late, great BBC Radio DJ championed his first vinyl EP, A Remedy For Bad Nerves, which was an NME Single of the Week 35 years ago this month.

During the late 1980s and early 1990s, Len occasionally took time out to release further critically-acclaimed solo EPs when not busy touring or recording with Leeds-based bands The Ukrainians, The Wedding Present and the lesser-known Sinister Cleaners. Songs about Love, Dreams & Domestic Appliances is a collection of twenty inspired, observational and quirky tracks from this period.

Len's songs are populated with sad personalities - products of a cruel world: an untidy research scientist called Zoe, a soon-to-be evicted Russian barber from Brixton called Yuri, a crabby homeless man in Leeds, point-scoring TV politicians and characters obsessed by food, space travel, texting and the end of the world.

The songs are quintessentially English observations: a far cry from Len's folk-rooted Ukrainian-language-singing alter ego as founder member of internationally acclaimed Cossack folk-punk group THE UKRAINIANS.

Songs about Love, Dreams & Domestic Appliances features guest appearances from members of the original, classic line-up of THE WEDDING PRESENT as well as members of THE UKRAINIANS.


  1. Name
  2. Love Will Turn Us On
  3. Rocket To The Moon
  4. Text Me!
  5. Zoe's Box
  6. Jealous
  7. Feeding Time
  8. Yuri's Hair Salon
  9. The Greek With A Sony Walkman
  10. Life In Leeds City
  11. 'bye 'bye Brenda
  12. I Wonder
  13. Basil Purdy's Fridge
  14. Cleaning Up Your Factory
  15. Going Off The Rails
  16. The Children
  17. Yuri's Hair Salon (Quick Trim Version)
  18. Lead
  19. Sandwiches
  20. Len Liggins's 114th Dream
  21. Jealous (Rough Demo)
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