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La Gloire De Mon Pere / Le Chateau de Ma Mere

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La Gloire De Mon Pere / Le Chateau de Ma Mere
La Gloire De Mon Pere / Le Chateau de Ma Mere


2 Original Soundtracks : "My Fathers Glory" de Yves Robert (1990) My Mothers Castle de Yves Robert (1990). Inspired by the sweeping panoramic view of the hills of Marcel Pagnol's youth in the south of France, Vladimir Cosma created a 'habanera' based on the rhythmical sound of the grasshopper. The 'Valse' for piano and orchestra of "Le Chateau de ma Mère" gives an impressionistic ambience to a film set in the early years of the last century. Those classical soundtracks performed by the Paris Philarmonic Orchestra are ones of the most acclaimed written by the composer. La Gloire de mon père - My Father's Glory is a 1957 autobiographical novel by Marcel Pagnol. Its sequel is My Mother's Castle. It is the first of four volumes in Pagnol's Souvenirs d'enfance series. It is also a 1990 film based on the novel, and directed by Yves Robert.

Young Marcel was born in the country but raised in Marseille. His father, Joseph, is a hard-working strongly atheist public school teacher in Marseille. Marcel's Aunt Rose marries the round, jovial, and very theistic and Roman Catholic Uncle Jules. Joseph and Uncle Jules come into conflict over religion. Over summer break, Joseph and Jules decide to take their families to a house in the country.

My Mother's Castle (French: Le Château de ma mère) is a 1957 autobiographical novel by Marcel Pagnol, the second in the four-volume series Souvenirs d'enfance and the sequel to My Father's Glory. It was the subject of a film made by Yves Robert in 1990 which is faithful to the original plot but which includes material from the third book in the four-novel series, Le Temps des Secrets.

The book begins during Marcel's summer holiday. He describes his almost daily hunting trips with his father Joseph and his uncle Jules, and his growing friendship with a country boy named Lili. On the night before he is to return to the city to begin school, he plans to run away with the help of Lili. He leaves a note for his family saying goodbye and climbs through the window. As the night goes on, Marcel begins to grow scared, even seeing a ghost and changes his mind and returns before he is discovered (although it implied that his father had discovered the letter through a few jokes he makes). When he returns to the city, he is under extreme scholarly pressure due to his candidacy for a prestigious scholarship. He longs to return to the countryside and his wish is granted when they return for the Christmas holiday, much to Marcel's delight. Although only a few kilometers outside Marseilles the journey to the holiday home is time consuming as public transport takes them a short portion of the way and the rest is a walk along an 8 km, winding road carrying all their possessions.


  1. Name
  2. La gloire de mon père 03:23
  3. Le petit Marcel 01:49
  4. Love Story Borely 03:26
  5. Massalia Rag 02:24
  6. Le grand Marcel 01:17
  7. La découverte 03:02
  8. Massalia Ragtime (Piano Solo) 01:25
  9. Les collines 01:37
  10. Le mensonge 01:51
  11. Souper aux Bartavelles 02:19
  12. Monde des Parpaillouns 01:26
  13. Le petit Marcel (Piano Solo Version) 01:28
  14. La grande aventure 01:42
  15. Le grand désert 03:42
  16. Le triomphe de mon père 01:36
  17. Habanera (Bonus Track) 08:16
  18. Le château de ma mère 02:33
  19. Mon ami Lili 01:02
  20. Les vacances (Rag-Time) 02:20
  21. Isabelle 01:52
  22. Marcel & Augustine 01:31
  23. Le temps retrouvé 02:06
  24. La belle Isabelle 01:44
  25. Augustine 02:36
  26. La valse d'Augustine 02:53
  27. The Song of Departure (Piano Rag) 02:22
  28. Souvenirs des collines 01:16
  29. Le branle de Reichshoffen 01:22
  30. La peur d'Augustine 02:06
  31. La gloire de mon père (Edit) 02:45
  32. Valse d'Augustine (Bonus Track) 06:30
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