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40 Years Landslide Records

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40 Years Landslide Records
40 Years Landslide Records


We are proud and excited to announce the upcoming release of a double cd package commemorating our 40th year in business. Landslide Records, 40th Anniversary features many of the notable artists who have appeared on the label over the years, including The Derek Trucks Band, Widespread Panic, Col. Bruce Hampton, Tinsley Ellis, Sean Costello and Webb Wilder. The album is an eclectic mix of Southern roots, Jazz, Blues and Rockabilly that rocks, rolls, grooves and touches the heart. Specially priced 4-panel ecopak, two cds in thumb pockets.


  1. Name
  2. Drivin' Woman- Tinsley Ellis & The Heartfixers
  3. Phone Don't Ring- The Bluesbusters W/Paul Barrere, Catfish Hodge, T Lavitz
  4. Rockin' With Red- Piano Red
  5. Make The Best Of Your Time- Damon Fowler
  6. Ain't Got The Smile- Scrapomatic W/Mike Mattison & Paul Olsen
  7. Coolest Fools- Delta Moon W/Tom Gray & Mark Johnson
  8. Walkin' Thru The Park- Tinsley Ellis & The Heartfixers W/ Chicago Bob Nelson
  9. Elmo's Blues- The Bluesbusters W/paul Barrere, Catfish Hodge, T Lavitz
  10. Motor Head Baby- Sean Costello
  11. Sweet Mama Do Right- Jim Quick & Coastline
  12. Hard Luck Blues- Nappy Brown W/tinsley Ellis & The Heartfixers
  13. Dance For Daddy- Webb Wilder & The Beatnecks
  14. Mother Of The Bride- Cigar Store Indians
  15. Skeleton Kiss- Geoff Achison
  16. Atlas- King Johnson W/Oliver Wood & Chris Long
  17. She Changed My Mind- Sean Costello
  18. Jazz Fest In New Orleans- Dave Bartholomew
  19. Route Two- David Earle Johnson W/ John Abercrombie & Dan Wall
  20. Mr PC- The Derek Trucks Band
  21. Travelin' Light- Widespread Panic
  22. King Greed- Col. Bruce Hampton & The Late Bronze Age
  23. Dancing Under Streetlights- The Brains
  24. Midnight In Harlem- Mike Mattison
  25. Human Condition- Gary Bennett
  26. Clock Goes On- Blueground Undergrass
  27. Little Honky Tonks- Steam Donkeys
  28. Notorious- The Lost Continentals
  29. Hit The Nail On The Head- Webb Wilder
  30. Woman Your Guitar- Jan Smith
  31. Night Trains, Distant Whistles- Scrapomatic W/Mike Mattson & Paul Olsen
  32. Panther Burn- Curlew W/george Cartwright, Bill Laswell, Nicky Scopelitis
  33. The Great Lawn- Paul McCandless W/david Samuels, Nicky Scopelitis
  34. Walking With Zambi (try Hoodah)- Col. Bruce Hampton & The Late Bronze Age

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