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First Century Dementia

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First Century Dementia
First Century Dementia


1900 to 1930: The Dawn of Dementia; The Oldest Novelty Records of All Time from Dr Demento. The world famous Dr. Demento's influence on pop culture is undeniable and to commemorate his 50th anniversary, we celebrate the earliest days of novelty and comedy records.

He is a world-renowned record collector and music historian, whose lifelong passion for music of all kinds (from Frank Zappa to punk rock and everything in between) is reflected in his radio show and most importantly, in this unique collection of rare songs from the early days of records.

- For fans of Weird Al Yankovic, Spinal Tap, Frank Zappa, Barnes and Barnes
- Dr. Demento was inducted into National Radio Hall of Fame in November 2009
- Demento helped bring Weird Al to nationwide attention
- Dr. Demento was in nationwide radio syndication until 2010 and continues to be broadcast weekly online
- Dr. Demento was created in 1970, so 2020 was his 50th anniversary


  1. Name
  2. 20th Century Rag
  3. Yes, We Have No Bananas
  4. Oh, How I Hate To Get Up In The Morning
  5. Nobody
  6. The 11:69 Express
  7. Barney Google
  8. The Tale Of The Cheese
  9. Alcoholic Blues
  10. Mister Gallagher And Mr. Shean
  11. You Must Come Over
  12. Stop Your Ticking, Jock
  13. I'm Wise
  14. Rube Haskins' Ride In A Cyclone Auto
  15. Uncle Josh Buys An Automobile
  16. Cohen At The Telephone
  17. Fido Is A Hot Dog Now
  18. Some Little Bug Is Going To Get You
  19. Casey At The Bat
  20. Oh, You Candy Kid
  21. I Love Me
  22. The Ravings Of John McCullough
  23. Old King Tut
  24. The OKeh Laughing Record
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