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Move Now

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Move Now
Move Now


Over the course of a career that's spanned three decades, 13 albums and hundreds of songs, Marshall Crenshaw's musical output has maintained a consistent fidelity to the qualities of melody, craftsmanship and passion, and his efforts have been rewarded with the devotion of a broad and remarkably loyal fan base. Crenshaw describes lead track Move Now as "a glimpse into the mind of someone who has the impulse to RUN, haul ass, escape, etc., but no clear idea of ''from what'' or ''to where''...". Followed by Going Going Gone - "If you've seen the Robert Mitchum movie Thunder Road, this is supposed to sound like something heard on a car radio in that movie" Track 3 see Crenshaw make Lovin' Spoonful track "Didn't Want to Have To Do It" his own, moulding the original 60''s swing into a harmony laden smokey bar-room plea. "There's a song on my 3rd album'', say Crenshaw of L.W.O. Karaoke, "certainly no favourite of mine anymore; I made this track, which I love, while I was trying to write the song. Just a groove and some chords, before it all went wrong. The EP closes with a live version of Crenshaw's classic Mary Anne, recording in 1987 at the legendary First Avenue in Minneapolis - "A song from my beloved (by some/many) first album. This trio, with me, Robert, and Graham, always played in this fired-up mode..". The digital EP features bonus track "Never Gonna See You Again"


  1. Name
  2. Move Now
  3. Going Going Gone
  4. Didn't Want to Have To Do It
  5. L.W.O. Karaoke
  6. Mary Anne (Live)
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