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Music From the Colourdome

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Music From the Colourdome
Music From the Colourdome


"The tracks on MUSIC FROM THE COLOURDOME are inspired by solo, free improvisation sessions performed inside the inflatable, psychedelic environment "Colourscape". Playing in Colourscape, and particularly in its sister structure "The Colourdome", I love to create swirling kaleidescopes of sound using my sampling pedals and guitar - and then watch the audience drifting around in their coloured capes wondering what the hell's going on. Recently my gigs have contained more and more improvised sections - and more use of foot pedals and mixing. I've had some really big, positive audience responses to this - especially when I've mixed the weird stuff in with my more conventional repertoire. Playing live, I can segue classical solos into an ambient, abstract world of overdubs which really pulls the rug out. Having spent a lot of time producing for others, and aiming for a near perfect sound, I wanted a very different approach with this album. In the studio I decided to use a lot of first takes and to have some tracks that were improvised and recorded on the spot. I hope this results in an honest and direct album that will really move people. It's my attempt to create something purely emotional - a sort of invertibrate music. " - Richard Durrant Several people have struggled to categorise the album. 'Ambient-virtuoso-guitar' is the closest anyone's got!


  1. Name
  2. Westway
  3. Atikatika/African Bells
  4. Wilbury Summer
  5. Chaconne Chicane
  6. The Sleep Of A King
  7. Slow Spiral To Oblivion
  8. Soft Moonlit Landings
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