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Long Play Vinyl
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Swedish-based Suffocate For Fuck Sake released their S/t debut in 2004 and an album with an absurdly long name (Blazing Fires...) back in 2008, which became a well known album in the scene. The band then went missing for years, until in 2017 they finally reported back with their "In My Blood". Almost four more years later the septet now releases "Fyra". Along with their dark, nihilistic sound, a trademark was always the added Swedish samples (taken from interviews and podcasts). On "Fyra" the samples deal with addiction shown in four different shapes that also mark the different chapters of the album: Mikael (Chapter 1) suffers from a long drug addiction and lost the stable enviroment around him and also distances more and more from his family. Mia (Chapter 2) tells the difficult family story about her alcoholic mother. Adam (Chapter 3) is woven in a vicious circle of his gambling addiction. Martina (Chapter 4) explains her vice of eating to compensate the loss of her family and her social phobia. But everything is not complete darkness: In the end we get a glimpse of hope as the characters explain what they went through to feel better. Musically the band draws from different genres. Post-Metal and Post-Rock are mix with harsh screamo vocals. But you can also find elements of ambient and electronica here. The vocal samples add a soundtrack-vibe. The band has this unique skill to create an incredible depressing and daunting atmosphere, that feels absolutely emotional and authentic. Vinyl is a limited edition of 500 on colour vinyl.
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