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Predatory Headlights

Long Play Vinyl
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Gate Fold Vinyl
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Predatory Headlights
Predatory Headlights


Predatory Headlights was completed over the course of three years with the assistance of engineer and co-producer, Justin Perkins. Pitsch has often cited Perkins' involvement in early 2000's groups Yesterday's Kids and The Obsoletes as a heavy influence. Perkins also worked with Tenement on their 2011 offering, Napalm Dream, as well as acclaimed records by the likes of The Goodnight Loving, The Sugar Stems, and The Mystery Girls. The bulk of Predatory Headlights was written and recorded at BFG in Appleton, Wisconsin - Tenement's home and personal studio. The house was symbolically demolished within days of finishing the record, and in a fitting display of finality, three years of sweat and nightmares and beauty and dissonance returned to the soil and found its way back into the water and woods with only this document to prove it ever even existed at all. Thanks to Don Giovanni Records, you hold the very document in your hands - Tenement's newest window into the nature of the human being and the complexity of life: Predatory Headlights.


  1. Name
  2. Theme Of The Cuckoo
  3. Crop Circle Nation
  4. Dull Joy
  5. Feral Cat Tribe
  6. The Shriveled Finger
  7. Harvest Time
  8. Under The Storm Clouds
  9. Ants + Flies
  10. Garden Of Secrecy
  11. The Butcher
  12. Whispering Kids
  13. Curtains Closed
  14. Why Are WE Where We Are
  15. You Keep Me Cool
  16. Cold The Pavement Is
  17. Heavy Odor
  18. A Frightening Place
  19. Licking A Wound
  20. I'm Your Super Glue
  21. Hive Of Hives
  22. The Dishwasher's Meal
  23. Keep Your Mouth Shut
  24. Foreign Phrase
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