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Green And Gray

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Green And Gray
Green And Gray


Since Pile's original formation eight years ago, the Boston rock band has released over five critically acclaimed albums, a compilation of rarities and live record. Green and Gray is the bands latest and undeniably most dynamic record, exploring just how heavy and soft they can get within the span of an album. Recorded with Kevin McMahon (Swans, Real Estate), Pile have created a record focused on the personal self and the idea of aging within the confines of a rock band. Its a self exploration about relationships that have suffered to a consistent work ethic and tour schedule. The writing was driven by prolonged sessions of activity, with weeks at a time spent constructing the album and its four distinct sections, each represented by their own side of the double LP. Their latest triumph encapsulates and expands on the music that has gathered them a cult following thus far. Green and Gray is further proof that Pile is one of the most interesting current rock bands.


  1. Name
  2. Firewood
  3. Your Performance
  4. On A Bigger Screen
  5. Other Moons
  6. Hair
  7. A Labyrinth With No Center
  8. The Soft Hands Of Stephen Miller
  9. Lord Of Calendars
  10. Bruxist Grin
  11. A Bug On Its Back
  12. My Employer
  13. Hiding Places
  14. No Hands
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