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Holographic Universe(s?)!

Long Play Vinyl
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Holographic Universe(s?)!
Holographic Universe(s?)!


Angel Marcloid's recordings as Nonlocal Forecast focus the trajectory of a vast catalog squarely in the realm of retro Weather Channel-inspired smooth jazz fusion, intricate prog, and expansive new age experiments. Trading off a measure of the typically overloaded compositional style found in other projects to favor lush atmospheres and relatively pared down arrangements, Marcloid populates Nonlocal Forecast pieces with progressive keyboard and synth harmonies, complex drum programming, and majestic leads performed on guitar, keyboards, and guests' saxophones. The project runs alongside the omni-combinatory works of the flagship project Fire-Toolz and many other monikers including the vapor-focused works of Mindspring Memories. Holographic Universe(s?)!, the second Nonlocal Forecast full-length and the first to be released on vinyl, follows Bubble Universe! with a cycle of songs that elevates Marcloid's grandiose compositions to previously undiscovered heights, while packing the music with dramatic shifts that allow it to journey off into dynamic new directions. Black Vinyl


  1. Name
  2. First Concrete Realization
  3. The Missing Link Is Extremely Nonlocal, Extremely Scrambled
  4. Imprinted, Encoded, Shone (Emergence)
  5. Interactions Between Brains & The Foam Of Potentiality
  6. Extended To Disparate Fields
  7. The Bubbling Up Of Duality On An Autumn Night By A Forest Stream
  8. We're Smeared Across A 2D Surface (Part 1)
  9. My Big T.O.E.
  10. We're Smeared Across A 2D Surface (Part 0)
  11. We're Smeared Across A 2D Surface (Part -1)
  12. Space-Time = Infinity-Eternity Objectified
  13. My Incomplete T.O.E. (feat. Fire-Toolz)
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