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Long Play Vinyl
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Limited edition 500 copies deluxe 2xLPin a gatefold sleeve. It's time for us to unleash the ultimate Swedish early 70s underground psych funk erotica groove record! Yes you've heard about the Swedish sin but here's the ultimate proof. Not only were the hippies practicing free-love but they recorded some dirty music too. In the early 70s legendary outsider artist genius/madman Tom Zacharias, together with the cream of Swedish studio musicians, some beautiful Swedish hippie nymphs and a bunch of drugged out freaks, recorded two ultra rare LPs called "Belinda" and "the Daughters of Belinda". Both of these which are now mega rare collectors items that never turn up, even in Sweden. These two masterpieces, with their XXX-rated lyrics, were recorded with both Swedish and English lyrics but only the Swedish language versions were ever released. Even though adds were put out in both Screw magazine and Mayfair the English language versions were kept in the can. We present both versions + some real sleazy bonus tracks that were not on the CD edition + extended liner notes re-telling the previously untold story of how this came to be. Great groovy, funky acid erotica with loads of gurgling fuzz/wha-wha guitars, booming bass, wicked drum beats and over the top XXX erotic lyrics!!
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