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Beat My Distance

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Beat My Distance
Beat My Distance


"Where you go, I want be/ A hole inside your head," sings Chloe Soldevila on "Daffodils," thesecond track from Anemone's debut album Beat My Distance. The line acts as both a promise and a threat-this is music that will stick with you, that will live inside your brain, that will become a part of you forever. This is music that refuses to be ignored.Anemone is the brainchild of Soldevila, a Montreal native. Raised in the classical music tradition and formally educated in jazz music, Soldevila came to rock music late, at the tail end of high school, when she discovered krautrock mainstays like Neu! and Can. Traveling as a photographer and filmmaker throughout her early twenties, Soldevila rebelled against her strictmusical upbringing, immersing herself into the psychedelic tradition in California, and punk and new wave music in France.Anemone officially began when Soldevila met Zachary Irving at a show. Around the same time, Soldevila and Miles Dupire-Gagnon met at a bar, and he introduced her to Gabriel Lambert. Themusical connection was immediate, and the four began working on songs together soon after. Samuel Gemme was a friend and sound engineer who worked on their recordings, spending so much time in the studio with them that he eventually joined the band. The final lineup of Anemone was set."The focus of the live show is to make people loose, getting them to dance, breaking people out of their shyness," says Lambert "Making people go crazier and crazier every night. Our mission was to capture that feeling on the record."The resulting album Beat My Distance is a dreamy psychedelic ride, hopping through genres and moods with exuberance. In the midst of all the swirly shoegaze guitars and krautrock beats, Anemone's songs are anchored by Soldevila's voice, always catchy and direct, powerful enough to cut through the mix and carry the song. The record has an experimental feel, but never at theexpense of melody or hooks."Memory Lane" is a standout track, with a wistful, melancholic song with strong beats.


  1. Name
  2. On Your Own
  3. She's The One
  4. Daffodils
  5. Segue
  6. Memory Lane
  7. Endless Dive
  8. Sunshine (Back To The Start)
  9. Only You
  10. Vanilla (Here We Go Again)
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