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EARTH LIGHT "Classical singing is a meditation shared with an audience, an insightful singing teacher once said to me. My professional path the process of developing voice and musicality to my present professional level has, in addition to remarkable musical experiences and a wee bit of glamour, also presented many obstacles and challenges. Along the way I have experienced companions in all the superb composers and writers for whom I have been allowed to be an in­strument. I had an ardent wish to be able to record and share some of these musical treasures from my own generation, while my human, transient voice is still in its prime and I can function as an instrument for these works. Although somewhat unusual repertoire, these songs are in turn serious, beautiful, jarring, strange songs, which deserve to be heard and preserved for posterity. It is not a total coincidence perhaps that the earliest authors here Hölder­lin and Rilke have been important sources of inspiration for several of our contemporary writers, Jon Fosse being one example. Transcience, autumn and death, religious contemplation and mysticism, of utmost importance also life's miracles, love, nature ... as the somewhat introspective native of Norway's west coast that I am, I feel a deep kinship with these manifestations of life's quest and find immense joy and profound meaning in being able to give expression to them. It is my hope that others listening to this CD will be able to discover a bit of light and sustenance for their own journey." Hege Høysæter


  1. Name
  2. Hälfte Des Lebens
  3. Engel Og Stjerne: I. Dette Eine
  4. Engel Og Stjerne: II. Kvarandre
  5. Engel Og Stjerne: III. Jamne Bølgjer
  6. Engel Og Stjerne: IV. Engel Og Stjerne
  7. Engel Og Stjerne: V. Ingenting
  8. Essay-ord
  9. Triptych: I. Before The Passion
  10. Triptych: II. Crucifixus
  11. Triptych: III. Pietà
  12. Memento Malin
  13. Trøytt Hjarte: I. Ver Still Mi Sjel
  14. Trøytt Hjarte: II. Trøytt Hjarte
  15. Trøytt Hjarte: III. Da Du Var Ung
  16. Det Bittelille Lyset
  17. Tåkesanger: I. Sang 1
  18. Tåkesanger: II. Sang 2
  19. Tåkesanger: III. Elfis Parole
  20. Tåkesanger: IV. Sang 3
  21. Tåkesanger: V. Sang 4
  22. Tåkesanger: VI. Call Notes
  23. Ein Stille Vind: I. Svevnens Kjærleik
  24. Ein Stille Vind: II. Har Vore
  25. Ein Stille Vind: III. Ein Stille Vind
  26. Ein Stille Vind: IV. Berre Veit
  27. Ein Stille Vind: V. Uboteleg
  28. Ordløs
  29. Drei Gedichte Von Rainer Maria Rilke: I. Liebes-Lied
  30. Drei Gedichte Von Rainer Maria Rilke: II. Buddha In Der Glorie
  31. Drei Gedichte Von Rainer Maria Rilke: III. Schlußstück
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