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Something Borrowed

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Something Borrowed
Something Borrowed


"Something Borrowed" is Christiania Mannskor's third recording in the series "Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue". While the first two releases focused attention, respectively, on new Norwegian music for men's choir and the National-Romantic men's choir legacy, on this album we look outward towards Europe. The songs on the album were selected on the basis of what we perceive to be the most familiar and cherished folk melodies of the individual countries. There are indeed other songs that would have been equally representative as those we have included. Wherever we have found good arrangements for men's choir, we have adapted them to Norwegian to the extent permitted by the linguistic differences. Moreover, we have endeavoured to create new arrangements that reflect the song's intention and the harmonic language of each individual land. Some of the songs will be familiar to the listener, while others, we hope, will find a new audience.


  1. Name
  2. Å, Du Brede, Brede Steppe (Akh Ty, Step' Shirokaya)
  3. Rytteren (Tskhenosnuri)
  4. Elven (Ts'ints'q'aro)
  5. Våkende (Oy, To Ne Vecher)
  6. En Gang Gikk Jeg Til Bembasa (Kad Ja Podoh Na Bembasu)
  7. Julia Fra Lugoj (Ana Lugojana)
  8. Dueparet (Div' Dujinas Gaisa Skreja)
  9. Du, Min Kjære (Moja Jube)
  10. Three Slovakian Folk Songs (Tri Slovenské L'udové Piesne): No. 1
  11. Three Slovakian Folk Songs (Tri Slovenské L'udové Piesne): No. 2
  12. Three Slovakian Folk Songs (Tri Slovenské L'udové Piesne): No. 3
  13. Edvard Grieg: De Norske Fjelde
  14. Mørk Er Natten (Tumsa Nakte, Zala Zale)
  15. Miho Demovic: Heilag Lekam (Zdravo Tilo)
  16. Sov Du, Kjære Ungen Min (Sofðu, Unga ástin Mín)
  17. Edvard Grieg: Margretes Vuggesang
  18. Helt Til Det Gryr (Ar Hyd Y Nos)
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