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All in a Garden Green: A Renaissance Collection

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All in a Garden Green: A Renaissance Collection
All in a Garden Green: A Renaissance Collection


This 2-CD collection of English music from the Renaissance features the renowned Canadian early music group, the Toronto Consort. It is a reissue of two popular CDs which have been unavailable for some years, and includes music by Thomas Morley, John Dowland, William Byrd, Thomas Tomkins, Thomas Ravenscroft and other composers as well as several anonymous dances and madrigals.

Since its founding in 1972, The Toronto Consort has become internationally recognised for its excellence in the performance of Medieval, Renaissance and early Baroque music. The Consort's goal is to explore new repertoire and new ways of bringing early music to the modern audience, and it tours across Canada, the United States and Europe promoting this aim.

Personnel: The Toronto Consort


  1. Name
  2. Mariners and Milkmaids - Ballads and Dances from 17th-Century England: The Cut-Purse
  3. Come ashore Jolly Tar & your Trousers on
  4. Never love thee more
  5. Gilderoy
  6. Luer, Faulkners, luer (John Bennet)
  7. In Eighty Eight
  8. The Sailor Laddie/The Sailor Lassie
  9. Epping Forest/The English Huntsuppe/The Old Mole
  10. The Cries of London/The Queen's Delight
  11. The Countrey Lasse
  12. The Milke-maid's Life
  13. An Italian Rant/The Chirping of the Larke/The 29th of May
  14. The Recruiting Officer
  15. Sister awake (Thomas Bateson)
  16. Waltham Abbey
  17. New Oysters (Thomas Ravenscroft)
  18. 'Twas within a Furlong of Edinborough Town
  19. Wee be Souldiers three (Thomas Ravenscroft)
  20. Sweet William
  21. Mad Tom
  22. The Faulconers
  23. Boate man
  24. The Maidens Songe (William Byrd)
  25. Wee be three poore Mariners (Thomas Ravenscroft)
  26. Greensleeves
  27. O Lusty May: Now is the month of maying (Thomas Morley )
  28. Joan to the Maypole - (Anon.)
  29. Bellamira & Emperor of the Moon (English Dancing Master)
  30. Now the lusty spring is seen (Anon.)
  31. Willy prithee go to bed (Thomas Ravenscroft)
  32. Greenwood & Hunt the Squirrel (English Dancing Master)
  33. Come away, come sweet love (John Dowland)
  34. Engels Nachtegaeltje (Jacob van Eyck)
  35. Beauty sat bathing (William Corkine)
  36. All in a garden green (William Byrd)
  37. This merry pleasant spring (Anon.)
  38. Woodycock (Anon.)
  39. Allons au vert boccage (Guillaume Costeley)
  40. Basse-danse "Jouissance" (Thoinot Arbeau)
  41. La terre n'agueres glacée (Nicolas de la Grotte)
  42. La rousée du joly mois de may (Jean Planson)
  43. Frais et gaillard (Giovanni Bassano/after Clemens non Papa)
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