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Boris Godunov (Covent Garden London 06.12.1958)

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Boris Godunov  (Covent Garden London 06.12.1958)
Boris Godunov  (Covent Garden London 06.12.1958)


Boris Godunov (Covent Garden London 06.12.1958) by Christoff/Veasey/Carlyle/Lanigan/Evans/Kelly


  1. Name
  2. Now Then! Have You Turned to Idols?
  3. Russian People All!
  4. Glory to Thee, Lord On Earth!
  5. Long Live Tsar Boris Fydorovich!
  6. My Soul Is Sad
  7. Just One More, the Final Story
  8. The Very Same Dream!
  9. You Wrote and Took No Rest
  10. When Was He Murdered?
  11. I Caught a Lovely Duck
  12. Woman! Peace Be to Your House
  13. Thus It Was at the Town of Kazan
  14. However, Friend
  15. Well, Fathers, How Are We Doing
  16. I Can Read
  17. Where Are You, Dearest?
  18. What Is the Matter?
  19. I Have Attained Supreme Power
  20. Your Highness
  21. Ah, Most Eloquent Traitor!
  22. Ouf! I Suffocate!
  23. By the Blue Waters of the Vistula
  24. Enough! The Lovely Maiden Is Grateful
  25. Ah, It Is You, My Father!
  26. At Midnight, in the Garden
  27. I Do Not Believe Your Vows
  28. The Crafty Jesuit Has Caught Me
  29. Dimitri! Tsarevich! Dimitri!
  30. I Adore You, Marina
  31. O Tsarevich, I Beg You
  32. What, Is Mass Finished Already?
  33. Trrr, Trrr! Iron Cap, Iron Cap
  34. Ah-ah...Boris! Oh, Boris!
  35. Exalted Boyars!
  36. It's a Pity Shuisky Is Not Here
  37. I Have Summoned You, Boyars
  38. A Meek Old Monk
  39. Oh! I Suffocate! Give Me Kight!
  40. The Bell! The Passing-bell!
  41. Bring Him Over Here!
  42. We, Dimitri Ivanovich, By the Grace
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