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The Hidden Spoon

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The Hidden Spoon
The Hidden Spoon


Acclaimed folk trio Tyde release their much anticipated second album, The Hidden Spoon. Demonstrating a newfound maturity, the collection combines traditional energetic jigs and reels with carefully arranged songs. Instrumental Skytehound Pt I & II seamlessly blends Irish concertina player Niall Vallely's Mullacreevie with a self-penned tune, while the contemplative Evening Solace sets a verse by Charlotte Bronte to original music, and Katrina recounts the true story of how New Orleans rebuilt itself after 2005's hurricane. With the addition of percussionist Jim Molyneux (4Square, The Old Dance School) and bassist, Pete Thomas (Megan Henwood) on several tracks, the energetic and considered Hidden Spoon clearly finds Tyde upping their game. "It definitely shows a more mature sound," says Heather. "We do raucous tunes ... and also complicated and interesting to listen to tracks. We've all got better as musicians," reckons Andrew. "For me it's taken a few years to be more comfortable in the studio, to get more confident. We didn't know much during the recording of the first album. With this one we were more involved with everything. With the addition of bass and drums, it's more energetic," confirms Seth. "The last record felt a bit safe - there's more of an edge to this one".


  1. Name
  2. Pietros
  3. Haslemere
  4. The Hidden Spoon
  5. RBS Jig
  6. Katrina
  7. Twairse
  8. Skytehound PT1
  9. Skytehound PT2
  10. Evening Solace
  11. The Pig
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