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Grippy Grappa

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Grippy Grappa
Grippy Grappa


"Even though our musical education was mainly oriented towards Western musical paths, neither of us has ever ignored the simplicity, the beauty and the unique melodies of our land's traditional music". It is this uniqueness that Monsieur Doumani has focused upon in their debut album 'Grippy Grappa', enriching traditional songs with new arrangements, melodies, rhythms and sounds and crafting a style distinctively their own. This they perform in such a way that will pleasantly surprise those who are familiar with the original music; will trigger the curiosity for more information by the Cypriot audience and will thrill non-Cypriot audiences. The traditional element is highlighted brilliantly in the album Grippy Grappa, through the diversity of musical styles echoed in the group's fresh and daring approach to the Cypriot folklore. While fully respecting traditional Cypriot music, Monsieur Doumani creates its music under the prism of experimentation. They deconstruct the elements that constitute a traditional song and then proceed in reviewing and rebuilding them, making new associations, forming new balances and possibilities. All the above elements are combined with a generous dose of refined musical humour creating a sense of alertness and devotion, while any established forms are shaken away in a rather unpredictable and often abrupt manner. Their own compositions in the Cypriot dialect are caustic and satirical, inspired by and reflecting the contemporary Cypriot society (i.e. the recent financial crisis in Cyprus) and moving on traditional-style melodic lines 'dressed' with electronic elements.


  1. Name
  2. The forest ranger
  3. Woman from Tylliria
  4. Syrtos mavrommatis
  5. Out-of-touch guy
  6. I tossed an apple
  7. The system
  8. Kofto zeibekiko
  9. Dark beauty from Morfou
  10. Young upwardly-mobile professional
  11. My baggy trousers
  12. Cypriot sousta
  13. Tsiakkara Makkara
  14. Wedding procession song
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