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Hanns Eisler: Lieder Vol. 3; Songs In American Exile

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Hanns Eisler: Lieder Vol. 3; Songs In American Exile
Hanns Eisler: Lieder Vol. 3; Songs In American Exile


The program of Vol. 3 of the successful and critically acclaimed Hanns Eisler project by Holger Falk and Steffen Schleiermacher features songs from this composer¢019s American exile. The Hollywood Songbook is a major work, even if measured solely by its length and total of thirty-two pieces. Moreover, the concentration and intensification of the content attained by Eisler while he was residing on the Pacific Coast make this rather loosely organised collection of occasional pieces what is certainly the most important song cycle of the twentieth century. Unlike many other exiles, Eisler was extremely successful in California, both artistically and financially. In the expanding entertainment industry there was an increasing demand for new film music, which Eisler supplied both willingly and reliably. His songs reveal the other side of his life in exile: yearning for home, reluctance to come to terms with his fate, and the insecurity of his life in exile. Once again Bertolt Brecht authored a great many of these impressive texts. The precise length of the Hollywood Songbook and the order of its titles are not entirely clear. The usual order of the thirty-two songs was not presented in full until 1982, forty years after Eislers death. Holger Falk and Steffen Schleiermacher complement this extensive cycle with some pieces from their temporal and topical context. The result is a most deeply moving, stellar song performance, presented with profound sympathy but without any obvious pathos or edifying kitsch. Also Available: Hanns Eisler Lieder Vol. 1 Songs and Ballads 1929-1937 MDG6132001 Hanns Eisler Lieder Vol. 2 Songs and Ballads 1948-1962 MDG6132040


  1. Name
  2. Elegie 1939
  3. Spruch 1939
  4. Über die Dauer des Exils I
  5. Über die Dauer des Exils II
  6. Hollywooder Liederbuch Der Sohn: I Wenn sie nachts lag
  7. II Mein junger Sohn fragt mich
  8. In den Weiden
  9. An den kleinen Radioapparat
  10. Frühling
  11. Speisekammer 1942
  12. Auf der Flucht
  13. Die Flucht
  14. Über den Selbstmord
  15. Gedenktafel für 4000 Soldaten
  16. Epitaph auf einen in der Flandernschlacht Gefallenen
  17. Spruch
  18. Panzerschlacht
  19. Ostersonntag
  20. Der Kirschdieb
  21. Hotelzimmer 1942
  22. Die Maske des Bösen Zwei Lieder nach Worten von Pascal I
  23. I
  24. II
  25. Winterspruch Fünf Elegien
  26. I
  27. II
  28. III
  29. IV
  30. V
  31. Die letzte Elegie
  32. Hollywood-Elegie Nr. 7
  33. Kalifornischer Herbst
  34. Erinnerung an Eichendorff und Schumann Anakreontische Fragmente
  35. I Geselligkeit betreffend
  36. II
  37. III Die Unwürde des Alterns
  38. IV Später Triumph
  39. V In der Frühe Hölderlin Fragmente
  40. I An die Hoffnung
  41. II Andenken
  42. III Elegie 1943
  43. IV Die Heimat
  44. V An eine Stadt
  45. VI Erinnerung
  46. Der Mensch
  47. Vom Sprengen des Gartens
  48. Die Landschaft des Exils
  49. Rimbaud-Gedicht
  50. Der Schatzgräber
  51. Nightmare
  52. Die Heimkehr
  53. In Sturmesnacht
  54. Lied einer deutschen Mutter
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