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Orgelpunkt: Glocke Bremen Vol. 2

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Orgelpunkt: Glocke Bremen Vol. 2
Orgelpunkt: Glocke Bremen Vol. 2


A double stroke of luck: the Sauer organ in the "Glocke" concert hall in Bremen has survived almost unchanged since 1928, despite all attempts to adapt the instrument to contemporary taste and fashion. The original pitch of 435 Hz has also been preserved - actually too low for ensemble playing today. However, the Franz Kuhn Trombone Quartet led by the enterprising Juan Gonzales Martinez can fall back on an original trombone set from the 1920s.

With this and together with organist Lea Suter, the four gentlemen bring remarkable literature from the heyday of virtuoso trombone playing to life in an authentic way.

A wonderful addition to the first organ recital on the previous album: Sauer Organ - Die Glocke Bremen - MDG9512201.


  1. Name
  2. Franz Liszt: Aria Cujus Animam Aus Stabat Mater (G. Rossini, 186070)
  3. Arno Hansen: Quartett LV
  4. Richard Eckhold: Adagio
  5. Friedrich August Belcke: Fantasia Uber Ein Motiv Aus 'Der Ostermorgen'
  6. Arno Hansen: Opernmelodien
  7. Gustav Adolf Merkel: Arioso
  8. Max Reger: Romanze (bearb.)
  9. A. Hansel: Recitativo And Adagio
  10. Adagio
  11. Friedrich August Belcke: Fantasia Op. 58
  12. Max Peters: Elegie Op. 9
  13. Paul Weschke: Marcia
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