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Clear Your Mind

12" Vinyl
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Gate Fold Vinyl
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Clear Your Mind
Clear Your Mind


Following the beautiful "Song About My Dog" single in April, Bop and his dog Booyaka have returned from intergalactic space travel to cool you down this summer with more ice-cold subtleties and Med School is proud to present his debut album "Clear Your Mind". Like a Russian cosmonaut ascending through the stratosphere, you will capture a unique vantage point as you look down on planet d&b space suits at the ready, the effects of weightlessness may be experienced!

"Ataraxia", a firm favourite with the likes of D-Bridge, Instra:mental and Doc Scott, greets the listener with crisp 808 beats, blips and bleeps all underpinned by deep sub and warm soothing pads. Flip over the first plate and switch your turntable to 33rpm for two mid-tempo excursions; title track "Clear Your Mind" is a futuristic two-step beauty packed with cheeky organ stabs and rolling bass, and a hit with Christian Martin of Claude Von Stroke's Dirtybird Records. Letting the needle run through to the second track on side b, "Rovor" is a sparkling slice of four-to-the-floor minimal techno, complete with innocent keys and vocal samples of Bop himself as a young child epitomising the naive beauty of Bops music.

Onto the second vinyl and we return to 45rpm for two more super-chilled delicacies at 170bpm. The uplifting "Nothing Makes Any Sense" features finely filtered dub-reggae upstrokes dissected by gritty bass. Last but not least, the bit-crushed clicks and glitches on the intro of "Chaosmos" are a precursor to the crescendo of epic pads and palette of drum sounds that propels the track forward.

Cast aside your drum & bass aspersions, Bop is an artist light-years ahead of the game and he's determined to win the symphonic space race by stretching the parameters of electronic music.


  1. Name
  2. Ataraxia
  3. Clear Your Mind
  4. Rovor
  5. Nothing Makes Any Sense
  6. Chaosmos
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