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Reverberation Box

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Reverberation Box
Reverberation Box


October 2011 sees the return of Unquote, Med School's celestial navigator from Saint Petersburg. Aiming to create music which is like "hearing the sound of your soul" Unquote sails the 130-170bpm spectrum and beyond. It's no wonder he has received support from the likes of Annie Mac, BCee, Blu Mar Ten, Doc Scott, Loxy, D Bridge, Instra:mental, Tom Novy, Joe Syntax and more. Carving out sonic cathedrals from ambient and melodic elements, deep basslines and lush, emotive instrumentals, we last saw Unquote late in 2010, with his poetically entitled masterpiece "Hide Your Tears Because We Are In Heaven". Now he returns with this 15-track opus which is stunning, heartfelt and hauntingly beautiful.

Opening the lid of Unquote's "Reverberation Box" we enter a dream-like utopia filled with oceanic rhythms, organ tones, delicate beats and ethereal vocal snatches. These motifs recur throughout the album like gentle, murmuring reverberations. Inside the box are such dubstep delights as somnambulant pleasure cloud "Dopamine" with its hazy synths; "Heavy Rain" with its Burial-like crackling and mournful strings, and the stark, striking "Cold Tenderness" whilst rogue card, "Metro Dreaming" strips things back and slow the tempo down to 130bpm.

Alongside this, we have 170bpm ventures such as "Cut Off The Past", which flits between melancholy bass-grinding fervour, bleepy 8-bit and crushing drum rolls, flourishes, "Blind Jealousy" with warm bass, rolling subs and charming choral element, and "Spectacle" with its encouraging applause, billowing instrumentals and clapping beats. "Memories Fade Away" sees the return of collaborator Grimm, whilst previously released flipside to "Hide Your Tears" "Lubov Moya (feat. Molecular Structures)" adds another dose of dark, brooding menace, before the quirky clip-clop beats and yearning vocals of "Paint My Wings (feat. Grimm)" provide a poignant finale. And so the lid of the "Reverberation Box" is shut and the album brought to a spectacular close.


  1. Name
  2. Hide Your Tears Because We Are in Heaven
  3. Reverberation Box
  4. Cut Off the Past
  5. Dopamine
  6. Heavy Rain
  7. Blind Jealousy
  8. Metro Dreaming
  9. Cold Tenderness
  10. Spectacle
  11. Memories Fade Away (Feat. Grimm)
  12. Lubov Moya (Feat. Molecular Structures)
  13. Paint My Wings (Feat. Grimm)
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