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Wait Less Suspense

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Wait Less Suspense
Wait Less Suspense


Med School signing and prodigious Welsh talent Lung has made a conscious decision not to indulge in passing trends and the temptations of throwaway internet culture, instead putting quality firmly before quantity and delicately crafting his spectacular debut album "Wait Less Suspense".

Showing off some adept production and song-writing skills, he expertly weaves cerebral drum & bass with experimental electronic music, garage and house beats across the 14-track album. The release also features some highly talented collaborators from a variety of musical backgrounds, whose contributions perfectly compliment and enhance the diversity of music on offer. These include ethereal electronic producer Phaeleh, fellow Welsh songstress Rachel K Collier, indie/folk duo Paper Aeroplanes.

The first side begins with "Time Just Gets Away From Us" and we are plunged into Lung's immersive world of delicate soundscapes, hazy beats and poignant lyrics from Rachel K Collier, who fans of Lung will remember from their last release together "Why Does Anyone Ever Do Anything?" Next we have garage-influenced "In Bloom (feat. Paper Aeroplanes)", followed by "Sunday Drivers" and contemplative, lush "Hell Is Other People". Flipping over, and we have "Stars! Hide Your Fires (feat. Tiiu)" followed by bleepy Rustie-like sounds of "Nervous Wreck", the quirky head-nod electronica of "Curiosity Cove" and finally the glistening harmonies of progressive drum & bass roller "Open Palms" featuring Phaeleh and Rachel K Collier.

Bringing together an array of tempos and influences from across the spectrum, "Wait Less Suspense" maintains an effortless continuity and togetherness making it an essential purchase for open-minded fans of electronic music.


  1. Name
  2. Time Just Gets Away from Us (Feat. Rachel K Collier)
  3. Curiosity Cove
  4. Stars, Hide Your Fires! (Feat. Tiiu)
  5. Nervous Wreck
  6. Starving Artiste
  7. In Bloom (Feat. Paper Aeroplanes)
  8. Ghosts With Skin
  9. Open Palms (Feat. Phaeleh and Rachel K Collier)
  10. Crystal Ball Gazing
  11. Hell Is Other People
  12. Gentle Persuasion
  13. Heaven's Mirror (Feat. Sunchase)
  14. Sunday Drivers
  15. Too Cold to Start a Fire
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