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12" + CD Med School are very proud to present the highly-anticipated debut album from remarkable new talent Etherwood. Having captured the imagination of the scene at large with his awe-inspiring, anthemic productions and moving melodies, Etherwood is proving to be the hottest thing in drum & bass right now. Here he delves further into his signature sound, sculpting a beautiful album full of deep liquid flavours, delicate percussion and indelible vocals.

As a talented musician and guitarist for Jakwob's live show, the album has musicality and songwriting at its very core and features Etherwood's own ethereal vocals on a number of tracks including "Begin By Letting Go", "Hold Your Breath" and "The Time Is Here At Last". Etherwood also enrols the services of aspiring talents Laurelle Robichaud, Georgia Yates, Bev Lee Harling, Rocky Nti and Hybrid Minds, as well as a deadly co-production with Hospital Records' stalwart Nu:Tone.

Prior to 2012, Etherwood was a name known only to a dedicated underground following, so dedicated in fact that many offered payment for a handful of tracks made available for free download. Within one short year he has become the name on everyone's lips. His first official release was "Give It Up" which appeared on Hospital Records' "Sick Music 3" compilation and this was followed in 2013 by sing-along anthem "Spoken" and the delicate and melancholic "Unfolding" on Med School's "New Blood 013" compilation. With remixes for Lana Del Rey, Jess Mills and Jakwob already under his belt, Etherwood's debut album has garnered much speculation across the musical landscape and he is already widely-touted as a future star.


  1. Name
  2. Begin By Letting Go
  3. Falling Out of Consciousness (Feat. Georgia Yates and Bev Lee Harling)
  4. Souls Apart
  5. Disposition (Feat. Rocky Nti)
  6. Hold Your Breath
  7. Weightless
  8. The Time Is Here at Last (Feat. Hybrid Minds)
  9. Begin By Letting Go
  10. Weightless
  11. Unfolding
  12. Hold Your Breath
  13. One Day
  14. Falling Out of Consciousness (Feat. Georgia Yates and Bev Lee Harling)
  15. Borderline
  16. Souls Apart
  17. Disposition (Feat. Rocky Nti)
  18. Shattered (Feat. Nu:Tone)
  19. Amongst the Crowd
  20. Say Life
  21. The Time Is Here at Last (Feat. Hybrid Minds)
  22. Spoken (Feat. Rocky Nti)
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