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Popular Mechanics

12" Vinyl
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Popular Mechanics
Popular Mechanics


Australian audio architect Royalston has returned to Med School for his third album ?Popular Mechanics?. Constantly pushing sonic barriers, this LP sees experimental drum & bass and electronica in its most exciting form. A 14-track delectation boasts cutting edge technical prowess balanced with a rich bouquet of musical grace. This combination of Royalston?s engineering expertise and musical pedigree renders an all-encompassing fusion of everything that makes drum & bass great. ?What We Were Told? ft ?Amy Kisnorb? is your staple drum & bass roller, in overdrive. It?s a twofold bass attack featuring wobbles and growls balanced with Amy?s angelic vocals. This track will be causing carnage in clubs and warehouses across the land with it?s constant evolution and high energy throughout. Title track ?Popular Mechanics? is everything we love about Royalston. A trio of transformation; beginning gently with an uplifting melody which morphs into deeper techier terrain then reaching its climax with a finale of mind warping bass crunches. Taking things back, Royalston explores a more traditional landscape in the form of ?Strobes?. With customarily blissful vocals, this track is vintage Med School. Perfectly soulful, flawless and refined, it?s as smooth as butter. A genuinely marvelous specimen of pure splendor and elegance that remains accessible to all musical tribes.


  1. Name
  2. The Late Heavy Bombardment
  3. Diorama
  4. Strobes feat. Thavy Ear
  5. 15GAMMA
  6. Cruising
  7. Fork Tongue feat. LYFLYK
  8. Popular Mechanics
  9. The Late Heavy Bombardment
  10. Diorama
  11. We Were Told feat. Amy Kisnorbo
  12. Spladerunner
  13. 15GAMMA
  14. Who Did She Become feat. Amy Kisnorbo
  15. Mollymook
  16. Cruising
  17. Fork Tongue feat. LYFLYK
  18. Oscilla
  19. Strobes feat. Thavy Ear
  20. I'll Keep It Warm
  21. The Sound We Made feat. Victoria
  22. Popular Mechanics
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