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The Allan Holdsworth Solo Album Collection

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The Allan Holdsworth Solo Album Collection
The Allan Holdsworth Solo Album Collection


Last April, Manifesto Records proudly released ALLAN HOLDSWORTH The Man Who Changed Guitar Forever, a 12 CD Box Set of his entire solo career. The collection got rave reviews and tragically, Allan passed away soon after it was released. The project turned out to be a major success and we heard from many Allan Holdsworth fans that they would like to see a collection like this released on vinyl.

So by request of all of the Allan Holdsworth fans, Manifesto Records is proud to announce THE ALLAN HOLDSWORTH SOLO ALBUM COLLECTION!

THE ALLAN HOLDSWORTH SOLO ALBUM COLLECTION is a 12 LP Box Set that contains Allan's 11 studio albums as well as one live album. All 12 LPS have been digitally re-mastered from the original tapes and come in beautiful high quality packaging. Only 6 of the 12 albums have ever been available on vinyl, so the other 6 will be available on vinyl for the first time ever.

THE ALLAN HOLDSWORTH SOLO ALBUM COLLECTION is a limited edition set and a must have for Allan Holdsworth fans and guitar aficionados alike. Sadly, Allan is no longer with us, but his legacy continues and the brilliant music that he made will live on forever!


  1. Name
  2. The Things You See (When You Haven't Got Your Gun)
  3. Where Is One
  4. Checking Out
  5. Letters of Marque
  6. Out From Under
  7. Temporary Fault
  8. Shallow Sea
  9. White Line
  10. Three Sheets to the Wind
  11. Road Games
  12. Water on the Brain - Part II
  13. Tokyo Dream
  14. Was There?
  15. Material Real
  16. Metal Fatigue
  17. Home
  18. Devil Take the Hindmost
  19. Panic Station
  20. The Un-Merry Go Round (In Loving Memory of My Father)
  21. In The Mystery
  22. Non-Brewed Condiment
  23. Funnels
  24. The Dominant Plague
  25. Atavachron
  26. Looking Glass
  27. Mr Berwell
  28. All Our Yesterdays
  29. Sand
  30. Distance vs Desire
  31. Pud Wud
  32. Clown
  33. The 4.15 Bradford Executive
  34. Mac Man
  35. City Nights
  36. Secrets
  37. 54 Duncan Terrace (Dedicated to Pat Smythe)
  38. Joshua
  39. Spokes
  40. Maid Marion
  41. Peril Premonition
  42. Endomorph (Dedicated to My Parents)
  43. 5 to 10
  44. Sphere of Innocence
  45. Wardenclyffe Tower
  46. Dodgy Boat
  47. Zarabeth
  48. Against the Clock
  49. Questions
  50. Oneiric Moor
  51. Prelude
  52. Ruhkukah
  53. Low Levels, High Stakes
  54. Hard Hat Area
  55. Tullio
  56. House of Mirrors
  57. Postlude
  58. Countdown
  59. Nuages
  60. How Deep Is the Ocean
  61. Isotope
  62. None Too Soon
  63. Norwegian Wood
  64. Very Early
  65. San Marcos
  66. 0274
  67. The Sixteen Men of Tain
  68. Above and Below
  69. The Drums Were Yellow
  70. Texas
  71. Downside Up
  72. Eidolon
  73. Above and Below
  74. The Duplicate Man (Intro)
  75. The Duplicate Man
  76. Eeny Meeny
  77. Please Hold On
  78. Snow Moon
  79. Curves
  80. So Long
  81. Bo Peep
  82. Don't You Know
  83. Zone I
  84. Proto-Cosmos
  85. White Line
  86. Atavachron
  87. Zone II
  88. Pud Wud
  89. Non-Brewed Condiment
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