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The Mojo Manifesto: The Complete Original Album Collection (10CD)

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The Mojo Manifesto: The Complete Original Album Collection (10CD)
The Mojo Manifesto: The Complete Original Album Collection (10CD)


In the history of popular music, few songwriters have shown a greater talent for naming their songs than Mojo Nixon. "Jesus At McDonald's," Stuffin' Martha's Muffin," "Elvis Is Everywhere," "Don Henley Must Die" and "What's Up Judge Judy's Ass" are just a few that come to mind.

But Mojo Nixon is about much more than a snappy song title. He is a singular talent who sprang out of the college rock explosion of the '80s, kicked it in the head, stomped on it, and went on to pave his own path to glory.

Manifesto Records will proudly release THE MOJO MANIFESTO: THE ORIGINAL ALBUM COLLECTION, a 10 CD Box Set that chronicles the recording career of one of the world's most unique talents, that began with his 1985 debut, Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper. In addition to the 10 re-mastered CDs, the box set also includes a 40 page booklet with extensive liner notes, stories from the people that played on the albums, archival photos, posters and other rare collectibles. Also included is a bonus DVD collection of Mojo Nixon's videos, one more outrageous than the next.

Mojo Nixon is currently a DJ on Sirius/XM and hosts a show on the very popular Outlaw Country channel, as well as a show on the NASCAR channel. This year, a documentary on Mojo Nixon, also called "The Mojo Manifesto," will be released and will be making the rounds at film festivals everywhere. Mojo will be out there promoting, which is what he does best, so keep an eye out for him.


  1. Name
  2. Jesus At McDonalds
  3. Mushroom Maniac
  4. Moanin With Your Mama
  5. Promised Land Tonight
  6. Guns To My Head
  7. Im In Love With Your Girlfriend
  8. Rockin Religion
  9. Big Payback
  10. Comin Down
  11. Mama Possums
  12. King Of The Couch
  13. Art Fag Shuffle
  14. Black Yo Eye
  15. The Amazing Bigfoot Diet
  16. Stuffin Marthas Muffin
  17. I Hate Banks
  18. Feeling Existential
  19. Be My Lover
  20. Where The Hells My Money
  21. Gonna Put My Face On A Nuclear Bomb
  22. Aint Got No Boss
  23. Im Living With A Three-Foot Anti-Christ
  24. Gonna Eat Them Words
  25. Twilights Last Gleaming
  26. 23 Mile Ride
  27. In A Gadda Da Vida
  28. The Ballad Of Wendell Scott
  29. Get Out Of My Way
  30. Rutabagas
  31. Burn Down The Malls
  32. Son Of Santa
  33. Transylvanian Xmas
  34. Jesus At Mcdonalds
  35. Elvis Is Everywhere
  36. We Gotta Have More Soul!
  37. I Aint Gonna Piss In No Jar
  38. The Polka Polka
  39. Im Gonna Dig Up Howlin Wolf
  40. The Story Of One Chord
  41. Gin Guzzlin Frenzy
  42. B.B.Q. U.S.A.
  43. Positively Bodies Parking Lot
  44. Wash No Dishes No More
  45. Lincoln Logs
  46. Wide Open
  47. Dont Want No Foo-Foo Haircut On My Head
  48. Debbie Gibson Is Pregnant With My Two Headed Love Child
  49. (619) 239-King
  50. This Land Is Your Land
  51. Pirate Radio
  52. Chicken Drop
  53. Tennessee Jive
  54. Louisiana Liplock
  55. Im A Wreck
  56. Legalize It
  57. Burn Your Money!
  58. Circus Mystery
  59. Shes Vibrator Dependent
  60. High School Football Friday Night
  61. Destroy All Lawyers
  62. I Wanna Race Bigfoot Trucks
  63. Aint High Falutin
  64. Shanes Dentist
  65. Rabies Baby
  66. Put A Sex Mo-Sheen In The White House
  67. Star Spangled Mojo
  68. You Can Dress em Up (But You Cant Take em Out)
  69. Don Henley Must Die
  70. Perry Mason Of Love
  71. Took Out The Trash And Never Came Back
  72. Gonna Be A New World
  73. Happy Birthday
  74. Trim Yo Tree
  75. Good King Wenceslas
  76. Mr. Grinch
  77. Head Crushing Yuletide Sing-A-Long
  78. Its Christmas Time
  79. Jingle Bells
  80. Boogie Woogie Santa Claus
  81. Santa Claus Go Straight To The Ghetto
  82. Run Rudolph Run
  83. We Three Kings
  84. Everyday Will Be A Holiday
  85. Sleigh Ride
  86. Little Man Song
  87. Go Tell It On A Mountain
  88. twas The Night Before Christmas
  89. Gotta Be Free
  90. Not As Much As Football
  91. Mr. Correct (Dont Tell Me What To Do)
  92. Buck Up & Stop Your Whinin
  93. My Free Will Just Aint Willin
  94. Girlfriend In A Coma
  95. The Pleasurelegience
  96. Dont Ask Me Why I Drink
  97. My T.V. Is Watchin Me
  98. Take A Look In My Eyes
  99. Tie My Pecker To My Leg
  100. You Cant Kill Me
  101. If I Can Dream
  102. Ufos Big Rigs & Bbq
  103. Bring Me The Head Of David Geffen
  104. I Like Marijuana
  105. The Poontango
  106. Take Me To Your Leader
  107. Are You Drinkin With Me Jesus?
  108. Winnebago Warrior
  109. King O Sleaze
  110. Beer Aint Drinkin
  111. Go Back Home
  112. Death Row Blues
  113. Amsterdam Dogshit Blues
  114. Im Drunk
  115. Tulane
  116. Shes All Liquored Up
  117. High School Is A Prison
  118. Richard Petty
  119. I Dont Want No Cybersex
  120. The Ballad Of Country Dick
  121. Drunk-Divorced Floozie (The Ballad Of Diana Spencer)
  122. U.P.S. My Heart To You
  123. MacHines Aint Music/I Got My Mojo Working
  124. Disney Is The Enemy
  125. Rock N Roll Hall Of Lame
  126. I Gotta Crazy Wife
  127. You Cant Buy Cool
  128. Tankman Blues
  129. Orenthal James (Was A Mighty Bad Man)
  130. Redneck Rampage
  131. When Did I Become My Day
  132. I Wanna Kill My Wife Tonight
  133. Just A Little Favor For The Kinkster
  134. Kinky Is Everywhere
  135. World Cup 94
  136. Christians I Hate em
  137. Cant Find My Keys
  138. Aint Got Nobody
  139. Whats Up Judge Judys Ass
  140. Dr. Laura Who Made You God
  141. Prisoner Of The Tiki Room
  142. Promised Land II
  143. You Gotta Be Insane To Fly In Small Private Planes
  144. I Gotta Connect
  145. Arctic Eveil Knievel Luge Team Song
  146. Apartment Zero
  147. I Aint Gonna Piss In No Jar Rat Music
  148. I Dont Want No sparagus
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