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The Complete Original Album Collection

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The Complete Original Album Collection
The Complete Original Album Collection


'60s POP LEGENDS THE TURTLES COME OUT OF THEIR SHELLS WITH LONG-AWAITED REISSUES OF THEIR CLASSIC '60S ALBUMS The Complete Original Albums Collection is a six-CD box set with compilations overseen by Howard Kaylan and Mark Volman. LOS ANGELES, Calif. - During their original 1965-1970 run, the Turtles led a musical double life, scoring a lengthy run of unforgettable pop hits - such as "Happy Together," "Elenore," "You Baby" and "She'd Rather Be With Me" - while making albums that were among the era's most distinctive, inventive and gently subversive. With co-frontmen Howard Kaylan and Mark Volman providing heavenly harmonies, infectious sonic craft and effervescent humor, the Turtles were a ubiquitous presence on Top 40 radio for much of the '60s, while earning their counterculture credentials with such adventurous LPs as the Ray Davies-produced Turtle Soup and the wildly eclectic The Turtles Present the Battle of the Bands, on which they impersonated a different fictional act on each track. Originally released on the small White Whale label, the Turtles' original albums have remained stubbornly out of print for many years, leaving fans with various greatest-hits collections that only scratched the surface of the band's deep and rewarding catalog. That situation changes on August 19, 2016, when the Turtles' label FloEdCo, in association with Manifesto Records, celebrates the band's 50th anniversary with the release of a pair of definitive CD packages that encompass, for the first time, the whole of the Turtles' recorded output from 1965 to 1970. The Complete Original Albums Collection is a six-CD box set of the six albums that the Turtles released between 1965 to 1970, plus a wealth of rare bonus material. Each of the band's first three albums - It Ain't Me Babe, You Baby and Happy Together - is presented in its original mono and stereo mixes, while each of the remaining three - The Turtles Present the Battle of the Bands, Turtle Soup and Wooden Head - provide a generous assortment of rare bonus tracks, including some previously unreleased material. The two-CD All the Singles collects the A and B sides of every original 1965-1970 Turtles 45, with the tracks presented in the same mono or stereo mixes that were heard on the original singles. All the Singles also features several tracks that were prepared for singles release but not issued at the time. Both sets have been meticulously researched and prepared from the original master tapes by renowned engineer Bill Inglot, and both contain detailed liner notes by noted writer and archivist Andrew Sandoval. The resulting packages offer a unique insight into one of rock's most misunderstood bands. "We were thought of as a hit-making machine, but buried in there was a very thought-provoking group," Mark Volman notes. "We really cared about what was going on ... We were never really afforded the credibility of bands like the Byrds." The Turtles, Volman points out, were "making records that made it to the radio, but were still challenging and adventurous records. Experimental, but at the same time full of commerciality. The Turtles were really walking on a fine edge. We were only two years out of high school and we were making some pretty challenging music." After the Turtles disbanded at the end of the decade, Howard Kaylan and Mark Volman maintained their partnership, serving a five-album stint as members of Frank Zappa's Mothers of Invention before releasing several albums as Flo and Eddie. They also had an extended run as FM rock DJs, provided voices for animated films and became in-demand studio singers, lending their trademark harmonies to a wide range of acts from T. Rex and Alice Cooper to Bruce Springsteen and the Ramones. Today, the pair continues to carry the Turtles' legacy forward, leading the band's present-day incarnation on their wildly successful annual Happy Together tours.


  1. Name
  2. Wanderin' Kind (Mono)
  3. It Was a Very Good Year (Mono)
  4. Your Maw Said You Cried (Mono)
  5. Eve of Destruction (Mono)
  6. Glitter and Gold (Mono)
  7. Let Me Be (Mono)
  8. Let the Cold Winds Blow (Mono)
  9. It Ain't Me Babe (Mono)
  10. A Walk in the Sun (Mono)
  11. Last Laugh (Mono)
  12. Love Minus Zero (Mono)
  13. Like a Rolling Stone (Mono)
  14. Wanderin' Kind (Stereo)
  15. It Was a Very Good Year (Stereo)
  16. Your Maw Said You Cried (Stereo)
  17. Eve of Destruction (Stereo)
  18. Glitter and Gold (Stereo)
  19. Let Me Be (Stereo)
  20. Let the Cold Winds Blow (Stereo)
  21. It Ain't Me Babe (Stereo)
  22. A Walk in the Sun (Stereo)
  23. Last Laugh (Stereo)
  24. Love Minus Zero (Stereo)
  25. Like a Rolling Stone (Stereo)
  26. Flyin' High (Mono)
  27. I Know That You'll Be There (Mono)
  28. House of Pain (Mono)
  29. Just a Room (Mono)
  30. I Need Someone (Mono)
  31. Let Me Be (Mono)
  32. Down in Suburbia (Mono)
  33. Give Love a Trial (Mono)
  34. You Baby (Mono)
  35. Pall Bearing, Ball Bearing World (Mono)
  36. All My Problems (Mono)
  37. Almost There (Mono)
  38. Flyin' High (Stereo)
  39. I Know That You'll Be There (Stereo)
  40. House of Pain (Stereo)
  41. Just a Room (Stereo)
  42. I Need Someone (Stereo)
  43. Let Me Be (Stereo)
  44. Down in Suburbia (Stereo)
  45. Give Love a Trial (Stereo)
  46. You Baby (Stereo)
  47. Pall Bearing, Ball Bearing World (Stereo)
  48. All My Problems (Stereo)
  49. Almost There (Stereo)
  50. Makin' My Mind Up (Mono)
  51. Guide for the Married Man (Mono)
  52. Think I'll Run Away (Mono)
  53. The Walking Song (Mono)
  54. Me About You (Mono)
  55. Happy Together (Mono)
  56. She'd Rather Be With Me (Mono)
  57. Too Young to Be One (Mono)
  58. Person Without a Care (Mono)
  59. Like the Seasons (Mono)
  60. Rugs of Woods and Flowers (Mono)
  61. Makin' My Mind Up (Stereo)
  62. Guide for the Married Man (Stereo)
  63. Think I'll Run Away (Stereo)
  64. The Walking Song (Stereo)
  65. Me About You (Stereo)
  66. Happy Together (Stereo)
  67. She'd Rather Be With Me (Stereo)
  68. Too Young to Be One (Stereo)
  69. Person Without a Care (Stereo)
  70. Like the Seasons (Stereo)
  71. Rugs of Woods and Flowers (Stereo)
  72. The Opening: the Battle of the Bands
  73. The Last Thing I Remember
  74. Elenore
  75. Too Much Heartsick Feeling
  76. Oh Daddy!
  77. Buzzsaw
  78. Surfer Dan
  79. I'm Chief Kamanawanalea (We're the Royal Macadamia Nuts)
  80. You Showed Me
  81. Food
  82. Chicken Little Was Right
  83. The Closing: Earth Anthem (All)
  84. She's My Girl
  85. Chicken Little Was Right (Single Version)
  86. Sound Asleep
  87. Umbassa and the Dragon
  88. The Story of Rock and Roll
  89. Can't You Hear the Cows
  90. The Last Thing I Remember (the First Thing I Knew) (Alternative Version)
  91. The Owl
  92. To See the Sun
  93. Earth Anthem (Alternative Version)
  94. Battle of the Bands Radio Spot
  95. Come Over
  96. House on the Hill
  97. She Always Leaves Me Laughing
  98. How You Love Me
  99. Torn Between Temptations
  100. Love in the City
  101. Bachelor Mother
  102. John & Julie
  103. Hot Little Hands
  104. Somewhere Friday Night
  105. Dance This Dance With Me
  106. You Don't Have to Walk in the Rain
  107. Goodbye Surprise
  108. Like It Or Not
  109. There You Sit Lonely
  110. Can I Go on
  111. You Want to Be a Woman
  112. If We Only Had the Time
  113. Dance This Dance (Demo)
  114. Come Over (Demo)
  115. How You Love Me (Demo)
  116. Strange Girl (Demo)
  117. Marmendy Mill (Demo)
  118. Turtle Soup Radio Spot
  119. I Can't Stop
  120. She'll Come Back
  121. Get Away
  122. Wrong from the Start
  123. I Get Out of Breath
  124. We'll Meet Again
  125. On a Summer's Day
  126. Come Back
  127. Say Girl
  128. Tie Me Down
  129. Wanderin' Kind
  130. You Baby (1967 Stereo Mix)
  131. So Goes Love
  132. Makin' My Mind Up (1966 Stereo Version)
  133. Is It Any Wonder?
  134. Let Me Be (1967 Stereo Mix)
  135. Grim Reaper of Love
  136. It Ain't Me Babe (1967 Stereo Mix)
  137. Can I Get to Know You Better
  138. Outside Chance
  139. You Know What I Mean
  140. Cat in the Window
  141. We'll Meet Again (Alternate Take)
  142. The Turtles! Golden Hits Radio Spot
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