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La Vie Electronique 6

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La Vie Electronique 6
La Vie Electronique 6


Re-Launch of the successful and partly out-of-print "La Vie Electronique" series by Klaus Schulze in a new digifile. MIG will gradually make the out-of-print volumes available again. Volume 6 and Volume 8 will be released at the end of November 2018. Volume 5 will follow in December. CD 1, on the one hand, contains the second part of the Oberhausen-concert, with "Schwanensee" on the other: two solo pieces which were recorded in 1976 in the studio in Hambühren. "Fear at Madame Tussaud's" was recorded in April, 1977 in the London planetarium at that time a novelty, for it was the first time that a concert was held in a planetarium. "Zeitgeist" is a concert which was recorded on October 17Th , 1977 in front of 5500 people in the Saint Michael cathedral in Brussels, "Inside The Harlequin" is the encore of this evening. The recording date of "La Vie Secrète" cannot be exactly determined after all years any more. Recorded either in 1977/78 or 1975 this piece remains a very quiet, almost meditative jewel. In contrast to this stands "Barracuda Drum", recorded about 1978 with Harald Grosskopf on drums. Last but not least at the end of the third CD we encounter the Klaus Schulze of 1979: In October and November that year Klaus Schulze was on tour with Arthur Brown ("Fire"). "There was Greatness in the Room" is a fragment of the encore of concert from October, 29th 1979 in Brussels. The specific thing about this recording: Beside the voice of Arthur Brown the vocoder-voice of Klaus Schulze is also to be heard.


  1. Name
  2. C'est Alors Que Picasso
  3. Picasso Casse L'assiette
  4. et S'en Va En Souriant
  5. Schwanensee 2
  6. Fear At Madame Tussaud's
  7. Zeit
  8. Temps
  9. Time
  10. Geist
  11. Brains
  12. Esprit
  13. Harleqin
  14. Pulcinella
  15. Le Grains De Beautè
  16. Exercises Spirituelles
  17. Geist Der Zeit
  18. Siehe: Es Gibt Flügel
  19. Der Narr
  20. Return Of Love
  21. Und Einsamkeit
  22. Barracuda Drum
  23. There Was A Greatness
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