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La Vie Electronique Vol. 15

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La Vie Electronique Vol. 15
La Vie Electronique Vol. 15


Klaus Schulze - the master of electronic music - will release with "La Vie Electronique Vol. 15" recordings from the years 1997 to 2000. With this edition the series 'La Vie Electronique" comes to an end for the present. On CD1 is the last of the 25 CD's in the Jubilee Edition set in 1997. Klaus recorded it during April 1997 in his studio. This long track is, as Klaus puts it: "...for playing along to. The listeners and fans can add their own melodies and sounds. Harmony is in C. They can play to it in c minor, g minor and f minor". CD2: The first two tracks (L'opera aperta & La tolleranza) are the second part and the encore of Klaus' solo concert in Bologna, Italy, on the 15th of December 1998 at the "Teatro delle Celebrazioni". The third track was especially recorded by Klaus for the Ultimate Edition box in late October 1999. CD3: These three tracks are a collaboration with an old friend, the cello player Wolfgang Tiepold. Most of the Schulze aficionados know (and love) Schulze's vintage albums with Wolfgang. He visited Klaus in his studio again in summer 1999, twenty years after the two did some good things in concerts and on some albums (mainly "X" on which Tiepold also conducted the small orchestra for the famous Ludwig track).


  1. Name
  2. Nuff Said!
  3. L'Opera Aperta: You Sea!
  4. L'Opera Aperta: Agnus Die & Kyrie
  5. L'Opera Aperta: Scherzi A Parte
  6. L'Opera Aperta: Ars Magna Lucis Et Umbrae
  7. L'Opera Aperta: L'Arte De' Cenni
  8. La Tolleranza
  9. Time Goes By
  10. Cum Cello Spiritu
  11. Celingua
  12. Cello Cum Laude
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