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Re-Issue of the amazing Wahnfried album "Trancelation" from the 90's. Klaus goes "Trance"! Oops - not quite a normal Schulze-Album. This album is one of Klaus' sideline ideas, a "Wahnfried" release. And certainly not exactly a genuine and typical "Schulze", if such a character does exist at all. In the 90's there was a new musical dance fashion, called Techno, Trance, Ambient or Chillout, and most of its champions called Klaus and "Kraftwerk" respectfully the "Fathers of Trance and Techno". Parts of former Schulze discs were being played in dance halls, and Techno producers used Klaus' music for their own creations. Fashionable groups such as "The Irresistable Force", "Future Sound of London" or "The Orb" asked for their use of Klaus Schulze samples, plenty of others just used them. New musical heroes such as Sven Väth or William Orbit talked with Klaus about a musical cooperation... Klaus seemed to like it, or at least some of it. The situation was curious. Klaus Schulze was once discribed as "pioneering, single-minded and influential, a musician with taste for adventure. No one else can claim to have been so important a force behind the music that becomes known as "New Age" or the later subcultural "Ambient-House". His greatest triumph as a musician is the almost single-handed creation of synth-sequencer music and the related genres "Cosmic Music" or "Teutonic Synth", which later composers and musicians all over the world have latched on to "Sure enough!" After doing his own crazy innovative music for a quarter of a century, suddenly some young pop musicians use freely what he did all those years, and sell it as their new invention. And people enjoy and dance to it. The obvious idea for Klaus Schulze was, to do a "Trance" album himself. It promised some fun. Because this is a bit apart from his own musical direction, Klaus did it under his alter ego Wahnfried, as always not as the only driving force as in any Schulze production, but just one artist among others.


  1. Name
  2. Intrance
  3. Future World
  4. I Like To Do Something For You
  5. Crazy About
  6. Abyss
  7. Mental Atmosphere
  8. Wahnfried's Dream
  9. Future World 2
  10. Transistor Radio
  11. Duel
  12. Oriental 1
  13. Oriental 2
  14. The End - Someday
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