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Ravel: Miroirs, Sonatine, Valses Nobles Et Sentimentales

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Ravel: Miroirs, Sonatine, Valses Nobles Et Sentimentales
Ravel: Miroirs, Sonatine, Valses Nobles Et Sentimentales


"Ravel's musical universe is captivating and enticing, triggering an undying fragrance within our collective memory. The narrative depth of his mood setting textures combined with the luminous clarity of the transparencies of his subtly chosen materials morph into nostalgically sensual modes. His soundscape, while remaining frankly tonal, is often highlighted by the subtle and suggestive usage of altered degrees suggestive of a bittersweet aftertaste of bitonality. The very powerful nature of his narrative storytelling is commandingly beguiling. The large spectrum of his musical phrase setting poetically spans from the tiniest details soaring to the furthest points of a given horizon line ephemerally revealing itself as if seemingly blossoming ever so differently each time one hears it or one plays it. I immerse myself selflessly under the spell of his day-dreamed worlds bedazzled by his suggestive mix of shadows and lights feeling as if somehow hugged by the soulful echoes of his delightful sounds' resonances. The subtle dosages of the multiple layers that are displayed in his musical idiom call for an orchestrally attuned keyboard imagination constantly interlaced with powerfully suggestive atmospheric innuendos. One needs to remain above all cruelly lucid in one's musical conduct when stirring the very meaning of the interpretational choices through the tempting spontaneous deviations away from the originally set course. The wide scale of the dynamically inspirational and powerfully evocative soundscapes native to his eloquent musical discourse commands to pianistically nurture all the way from the dying whisper's pianissimo to the roaring exclamation's fortissimo." Emile Naoumoff


  1. Name
  2. Emile Naoumoff: Improvisation
  3. Maurice Ravel: Valses Nobles Et Sentimentales, M. 61
  4. Miroirs, M. 43
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