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Pimp To Eat

Long Play Vinyl
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Pimp To Eat
Pimp To Eat


If The Analog Brothers didn't exist, the weirdest scientists couldn't have invented them. Or perhaps they never existed. Maybe it's possible this was all a demonic 31st century hallucination cooked up by Kool Keith and cyborg alien pimps peddling flesh and white fluff acid. But how else to explain the ultra-rare, ultra-magnetic artefact left behind: Pimp to Eat. Originally dropping from the skies in 2000, it's being re-released by Mello Music Group. There are few clear things amidst the craziness. The centrepiece of the record is Pimp Rex (AKA Rex Roland), the legendary Angeleno hustler, who did production for Body Count and chorus on Ice-T's "I'm Your Pusher". He enlists his longtime collaborator Ice Oscillator (Ice-T), Keith Korg (Kool Keith), Marc Moog (Marc Live) , and Black Silver (Silver Synth). All we really know comes from the abstractions assaulting our eardrums. Rex Roland's tribute to the old analog sound, eerie synthesizer and pimp-slapping 808 drum machines. Ice-T and Kool Keith trade bars like a rap Scully and Mulder. This is how it goes across 16 tracks of interstellar pimping. Out of the attics of the insane comes one of the most overlooked rap classics of its era, full of bizarre boats, ice-cold and meteor-hard beats, and the best bad examples. You couldn't say no even if you wanted to.


  1. Name
  2. Intro
  3. Analog Technics (feat. Odd Oberhiem)
  4. More Freaks
  5. 2005 (feat. Odd Oberhiem)
  6. So Bad
  7. Analog Annihilator vs. Silver Surfer
  8. Perms, Baldheads, Afros & Dreds
  9. Who Wanna Be Done (feat. Rhyme Syndicate)
  10. Country Girl
  11. War (feat. DJ Cisco & H Bomb)
  12. Double Back
  13. We Sleep Days (feat. Jacky Jaspter)
  14. Bionic Oldsmobile
  15. Shut Down Show (feat. Synth-a-Size Sisters)
  16. Once I Get It (feat. Teflon)
  17. Analog Outro
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