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The Boy Who Spoke to the Wind

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The Boy Who Spoke to the Wind
The Boy Who Spoke to the Wind


Lando Chills new album, The Boy Who Spoke To The Wind, is a personal tribute to self actualization, spiritual acceptance and social activism. About the title, Lando says, The wind is ones soul. It represents the human spirit and the earth. Lando Chill is a warrior-poet, a man with one ear to mother nature and one to the plight of humankind. Lando wants to bring the issues of political freedom, police brutality and giving a voice to marginalized communities to the national conversation. Inspired by the Paulo Coelho book, The Alchemist, Landos new album is about transformation, personally and spiritually. While working on the project, Lando gained a new perspective. He learned that having answers isnt enough. Musically, this album is a movement forward from his previous work. Collaborating with producer Lasso, bassist Chris Pierce, as well as other key session musicians, the music is unique and intimate. The album harmonizes the internal and external in a cathartic symphony. The instrumentation is unlike anything else, sprawling from classic lo-fi hiphop to high production scoring. The album is as reminiscent of James Blake and Bon Iver as it is of Frank Ocean or Kendrick Lamar.


  1. Name
  2. Break Them Shackles
  3. The King of Salem
  4. Freedom
  5. People Are Evil
  6. No Paz
  7. O Sicario e o Padre
  8. Black Boy Run
  9. The Wind & The Rain
  10. Ain't for Us
  11. O Alquimista
  12. Take It Slow
  13. Broken Worlds
  14. Falou Com o Vento Pt. 1
  15. Falou Com o Vento Pt. 2
  16. Heartspace
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