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Back to Back

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Back to Back
Back to Back


A unique twin-harmonica tour-de-force, Swing Jazz classics recorded with top Nashville session players. Dazzling performances, great arrangements & stunning recording quality. Back to Back is a collaboration between two of the most respected names in the contemporary harmonica scene, UK based Brendan Power and Nashville session player PT Gazell. Though best known for their work in the Celtic and Bluegrass/Country fields, they discovered their shared passion for Swing Jazz when they met at a Harmonica Festival in Milwaukee in 2007. They had such a blast jamming that they decided to record a swing album together. Since the two live on opposite sides of the Atlantic, that required some creative procedures! The basic tracks were recorded in Nashville in 2008, and subsequently the two sent tracks back and forth over the internet. The final mixing session was done via a Skype link from Nashville to Brendans kitchen in Canterbury! The concept was to emulate the classic Twin Fiddle sound with two harmonicas; the arrangements feature great harmony parts as well as bravura performances from the boys and the stellar Nashville backing musicians. The stunning sound quality was by Engineer/Mixer Dave Sinko (Bela Fleck, Alison Krauss, Sam Bush, Yo Yo Ma, Mark OConnor). Tracks; 1. Till Tom Special / 2. Better Go / 3. Windy & Warm / 4. What a Wonderful World / 5. Fat Boy Rag / 6. Dill Pickle Rag / 7. Back to Back / 8. Broadway / 9. Swing 42 / 10. When I fall in Love / 11. Honeysuckle Rose


  1. Name
  2. Till Tom Special
  3. Better Go
  4. Windy & Warm
  5. What a Wonderful World - Brendan Power
  6. Fat Boy Rag
  7. Dill Pickle Rag - Brendan Power
  8. Back to Back
  9. Broadway - P.T. Gazell
  10. Swing 42
  11. When I Fall in Love - P.T. Gazell
  12. Honeysuckle Rose
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