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Statements Of Intent 1982-87 (5CD)

Compact Disc (Audio)
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  • The first of two 5 disc box sets covering the entire recorded output of leading Anarcho Punk band Conflict. This one covers the period 1982-87.
  • Disc 1 features the Indie Chart topping “It’s Time To See Who’s Who” album which now comes with the bonus of the ‘House That Man Built’ (No.3, 18 weeks), ‘Live At Centro Iberico’ (No.7, 21 weeks) and ‘To A Nation Of Animal Lovers’ (No.4, 18 weeks) EP’s.
  • The second disc is the “Increase The Pressure” album which spent 16 weeks in the Indie Chart, peaking at No.2. Now has as a bonus the No.5 hit single ‘The Serenade Is Dead’.
  • Disc Three is the live “Only Stupid Bastards Help EMI” album which reached No.5 in the Independent Chart in early 1986.
  • The fourth disc is the seminal “The Ungovernable Force” album, a No.2 Indie Chart hit when first issued in 1986. Now includes the Indie hit singles ‘This Is Not Enough’ (No.3, 27 weeks) and ‘The Battle Continues’ (No.1, 23 weeks).
  • The final disc is the 32 track “Turning Rebellion Into Money” album which topped the Indie Chart in July 1987.
  • Metal Hammer journalist James Sherry has provided in-depth liner notes from a new interview with Conflict front-man Colin Jerwood.
  • The booklet contains many rare photos plus pictures of all relevant releases.
  • Housed in a sturdy clam shell box with each disc in a card wallet depicting the original LP front cover and a back cover sympathetic to the original.


  1. Name
  2. Young Parasites
  3. Kings & Punks
  4. Meat Means Murder
  5. No Island Of Dreams
  6. Great What?
  7. The Guilt & The Glory
  8. 1824 Overture
  9. Bullshit Broadcast
  10. One Nation Under The Bomb
  11. Blind Attack (2)
  12. Vietnam Serenade
  13. Blood Morons
  14. Exploitation
  15. Crazy Governments
  16. Untitled
  17. Conflict
  18. Ive Had Enough
  19. Wargames
  20. Blind Attack
  21. Berkshire Cunt
  22. Meat Still Means Murder!
  23. Whichever Way You Want It
  24. Kings & Punks
  25. Meat Means Murder
  26. Exploitation
  27. Bullshit Broadcast
  28. Vietnam Serenade
  29. No Island Of Dreams
  30. Increase The Pressure
  31. Law And Order (Throughout The Land)
  32. From Protest To Resistance
  33. Tough Shit Mickey
  34. Punk Innit
  35. As Others See Us
  36. Cruise
  37. The Positive Junk
  38. The System Maintains
  39. Berkshire Cunt
  40. The Guilt And The Glory
  41. Stop The City
  42. One Nation Under A Bomb
  43. Blind Attack
  44. Vietnam Serenade
  45. Blood Morons
  46. Exploitation
  47. Whichever You Want It
  48. The Serenade Is Dead
  49. The Positive Junk
  50. The System Maintains
  51. From Protest To Resistance
  52. Increase The Pressure
  53. Serenade Is Dead
  54. Positive Junk
  55. The System Maintains
  56. Law And Order
  57. Berkshire Cunt
  58. The Guilt And The Glory
  59. Cruise
  60. One Nation Under A Bomb
  61. Blind Attack
  62. Exploitation
  63. Vietnam
  64. Meat Means Murder
  65. This Is Not Enough
  66. Tough Shit Mickey
  67. Punk Innit
  68. As Others See Us
  69. Liberate (Aka Whichever Way You Want It)
  70. Mighty And Superior
  71. Conflict
  72. Neither Is This
  73. You Cannot Win
  74. The Ungovernable Farce
  75. A Piss In The Ocean
  76. C.R.A.S.S.
  77. Custom Rock
  78. 1986, The Battle Continues
  79. Mental Mania
  80. The Ungovernable Force
  81. They Said That
  82. Force Or Service?
  83. The Arrest
  84. Statement
  85. The Day Before
  86. This Is The A.L.F.
  87. To Be Continued
  88. This Is Not Enough
  89. Neither Is This
  90. Mighty And Superior
  91. To Whom It May Concern
  92. Untitled
  93. Banned From The Uk
  94. Piss In The Ocean
  95. Big A Little A
  96. Increase The Pressure
  97. The Serenade Is Dead
  98. You Said That
  99. From Protest To Resistance
  100. To Whom It May Concern
  101. Big Hands
  102. So What
  103. I Aint Thick (Its Just A Trick)
  104. Gs Song
  105. Contaminational Power
  106. Cruise
  107. Major General Despair
  108. One Nation Under The Bomb
  109. Bomb
  110. Punk Is Dead
  111. Rival Tribal Revel Rebel
  112. Statement
  113. The Day Before
  114. This Is The A.L.F.
  115. Tough Shit Mickey
  116. Reality Whitewash
  117. Working Class Rip Off
  118. Mighty And Superior
  119. Do They Owe Us A Living
  120. How Does It Feel
  121. This Is Not Enough
  122. Positive Junk
  123. The System Maintains
  124. Berkshire Cunt
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