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Killin' Uncle Buzzy

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Killin' Uncle Buzzy
Killin' Uncle Buzzy


2021 is the 10th anniversary of Travis Meadow's seminal album 'Killin' Uncle Buzzy'

Nashville songwriting superstar,Travis Meadows has sold 2 million singles in last 18 months. Written songs for Country stars such as Hank Williams JR, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Eric Church, Dierks Bentley, Jake Owen, Blackberry Smoke and many more. Travis stars in Jake Owen's video for 'What We Ain't Got' 10 million views (Song written by Travis Meadows) A true storyteller who is authentic to the core. Travis Meadows storytelling ability stems from the unbelievable tragedy endured during his life including losing his leg to bone cancer age 14, battline drug & alcohol addiction after the death of his brother which led to 6 years of rehab. Other true tales include interrogation from the KGB & threat of being stoned to death in India during his days as a preacher. 2021 is the 10th anniversary of of the seminal album 'Killin' Uncle Buzzy'.

Travis Meadows spent years trying to escape himself. He's anything but selfish, so he'd find a way to get awaya bottle, a bag, a sermonand he'd share it with everyone. That was then. Now, Meadows isn't trying to get anybody lost or high. Instead, he's trying to get every single one of us to settle in deeply to ourselvesand love what's there. "I feel like what I'm doing is giving people permission to be okay with who they are, where they're at now," Meadows says. "A lot of us say stuff like, 'If I'd been married to this guy or this girl, or if I had enough money, or if I had a better job. If I wasn't an alcoholic, or if I drank more. If this, if that, then, I think I could be a better person.'" He pauses. "I think the key to life is being okay with who you are." Meadows isn't just waxing poetic about the perks of self-acceptance. The 54- year-old has clawed his way to the peace he's found, and his willingness to map that journey through his songs has saved more lives than his own. "I've always put secrets in my records, but I had this ring of fire that nobody could get ina defense mechanism from my childhood. Nobody gets too close," he says. Disciples have been dancing by Meadows' fire for years. Eric Church, Dierks Bentley, Jake Owen, Mary Gauthier, Brandy Clark, Blackberry Smoke, Hank Williams, Jr., Wynonna Judd, Randy Houser, and others began writing with, recording, and praising Meadows as soon as they heard his work. Songs such as "Riser," the title track for Bentley's 2015 album; Church's "Knives of New Orleans" and "Dark Side"; and Owen's "What We Ain't Got" are all Meadows-penned chart-climbers. Much of the attention began in 2010, when Meadows self-released Killin' Uncle Buzzy, a raw masterpiece that left listeners stunned. "I was in rehab, and one of my counselors suggested that I keep a journal, so I basically made a record out of that journal," Meadows says. It became an unlikely phenomenon, handed from friend to friend and artist to artist with whispers of, Listen. It's the best thing you'll hear all year.


  1. Name
  2. Minefield
  3. Grown Up Clothes
  4. It Aint Fun No More
  5. Good Intentions
  6. Let It Go
  7. God Speaks
  8. It Gets Better
  9. Davidson County Police
  10. What We Aint Got
  11. Learning How To Live Alone

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