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De Platino

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De Platino
De Platino


Launched by the Argentinian musician Enrique Noviello and completed with musicians from different genres: jazz, pop, tango and latin music, El Juntacadáveres bring a steaming mix of tango, rock and hip-hop. Enrique 'Kike' Noviello grew up in Buenos Aires with bebop and Charlie Parker. In 2002 he moved to Antwerp (Belgium) and very soon he turned out to be an all-round musician. In an interview with a Belgian newspaper Noviello says 'Making music is like telling a story. I have already been in many stories, but with El Juntacadáveres I can finally tell something about myself. It brings together ten years in Antwerp.' He developed the concept of the band El Juntacadáveres on the basis of the tango he brought with him from Buenos Aires, mixed with the different styles of 'old and new Belgians'. His favourite novel, 'Juntacadáveres' written by Juan Carlos Onetti, is about hypocrisy and is the other cornerstone of the concept: Enrique wants to hold a mirror to his audience. Together with musicians from differnt musical genres like jazz, pop, tango and latin music, El Juntacadáveres play a steaming mix of tango, rock and hip-hop. Just like the book the music of El Juntacadáveres is 'sad, rough but energetic', Noviello explains. The band now consists of seven musicians with an international career. Among those are some who worked with 'El Maestro' Alfredo Marcucci for many years and shared the stage with the best orchestras in Buenos Aires. El Juntacadáveres find its true shape in the perfect blend of traditional tango orchestras and the rebelliousness of the contemporary music scene. As an addition to the music the Venezuelan artist Orlando Verde creates matching visual scenarios in order to fully enjoy your trip with El Juntacadáveres. These visuals draw their inspiration from the novel and enhance the urban character of the group. El Juntacadáveres have won several prizes in Belgium in 2011 and 2012. In 2011 the band played the support for the world famous Gotan Project. 2013 will see the band on several festivals in the Benelux.


  1. Name
  2. Cortita y el pie
  3. Lluvia
  4. Ano nuevo
  5. Futbol Argentino
  6. Asfixia
  7. Arrayanes
  8. Oktubre
  9. Exodo
  10. A la sombra
  11. Noche portena
  12. Santa Maria
  13. Mental movie
  14. Hasta siempre
  15. Porque me fui ...
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